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I know, I know, no book review again. I have a review pending for Big Stone Gap but I’m not in the mood to write it. Also, I’m reading Defenders of the Scroll which is awesome so far. But my progress is slow, not because of the book but because I don’t get the time to read. I have too much work at weekdays and weekends mean endless shopping trips. But I’ll have a review up soon I hope.

Just thought of doing a random post on what all is there on my mind right now.

  • First thing is obviously the wedding and the shopping. I have finished with most of the shopping for the reception that will be held on 28th Nov in Mumbai. But my wedding shopping is still pending. October 17th is Diwali, so there is a lot of crowd shopping for the occasion. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some done after Diwali.
  • My engagement ring is finalized, yay. I was torn between buying an expensive one which I cannot possibly wear everyday or something that’s not very expensive and something that I won’t fear loosing every time I go out of the house. But it’s settled and I’m relieved. I’ll have a picture up as soon as I get the delivery.
  • One more thing. I will be moving to Singapore. I love traveling but I always wanted to live and work in another country and I’m happy it’s Singapore. I’m trying for a transfer but if not possible I’m also looking for a new job. But things are not looking up. Mostly Singapore is hiring people with Chinese Origin which is fair enough but that kind of makes it difficult for me. If not possible from here, I’ll try for a job once I shift there. Does anyone know of a job site specific to Singapore?
  • I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to read after the wedding, at least for a couple of months until everything is settled, so I’m not taking any chances. I’ll be finishing all the review copies before the wedding which aren’t that many. I have reduced a lot of ARC’s which makes me really glad.
  • Speaking of books I have already send a bag full of books to Singapore with my guy when he was in India last time. I’ll try to slip in more when he comes again for Diwali.
  • Now I’m off to check my Google Reader. It’s been some time since I have visited all the lovely blogs.

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  1. Wicked… you should not complain sistahhhh! This is the best time of your life.. Leave reading and ENJOY!
    I remember the pre-wedding shopping.. it is so COOL!
    Singapore sounds damn cool! Hve FUN! And yeah.. i WANT to see pics of EVERYTHING you shop!… so u r in Mumbai…my Family is there too! 🙂

    I am soooo happy for you 🙂


    1. Oh well, I’m not exactly complaining but I hate purpose driven hopping, isn’t that weird 🙂

      I’m from Pune, my would be mother-in-law is in Mumbai 🙂


  2. This is great.. shaadi ke liye bulana.. ya pehle ek baar mil to lena? I’m in the US right now but back on 11th Oct..

    Shall we fix meeting for the 13th? As on the 14th I’m off to Dubai for a week for Diwali 🙂

    Do let me know.. you know how to get to me!


  3. Happy Tuesday! Very interesting about your ring – I look forward to seeing it. I was told my ring is very impractical for wearing every day but I have, and for the last 21+ years. SO what that I have to get it fixed every so often…


    1. I’m okay with impractical (in the sense that it bangs against everything and getting fibres tangled in it and stuff), I’m just not okay with too expensive considering how often I loose things 🙂


  4. So many exciting things going on! How awesome. Good luck with finding a job in Singapore; I wish I knew about jobs there!


  5. What a lot of lovely and exciting things are going on for you! Singapore sounds like it will be fun. And before you know it, you’ll be settled with lots of time for reading again!


  6. I’m so thrilled when you mentioned you’re coming to Singapore! Maybe we can schedule to meet up!! 😛

    What’re you actually looking for for the job? Perhaps you may email me for the details. 😉


    1. Of course we should meet up, I wont miss such a fantastic oppurtunity of meeting you. We could work out the details once I’m a little settled in Singapore 🙂

      I work in DataWarehousing (Informatica specifically), I’ll mail you the details 🙂 Thanks


  7. Wow, why Singapore? Is that where your fiance works? Forgive me for not knowing the backstory…. since I was lucky enough to find your blog during the recent BBAW. i do wish you good luck finding work there!


  8. Singapore has some really big bookstores. The Borders Book Store there is great and last I heard it was the most profitable one per square foot in the chain. There is also a large Japanese chain. I have been in several Borders Book Stores in the USA and this one is better for sure. Singapore is also a great town for foodies-my wife and I loved the hawker centers. Some people say Singapore is an over controlled city but my wife and I loved it and will be back soon. Take in the Zoo and the Bird Park as soon as you can!


    1. haha, I have known about it for 3-4 months now so I am probably bot squealing and all, but I say let in sink in that I’m switching countries and cross my fingers that I don’t panic 🙂


  9. I understand about being busy. That has been what my life is like lately too. Random posts are good, especially for times like this! 🙂

    I am so excited about your upcoming marriage, Violet. You will have so many bloggers thinking of you that day and we will all be with you in spirit.

    Good luck with your plan to move to Singapore. Then you can meet Melody! Oh, now I want to move there too! I don’t think my husband would go for that though. 🙂


  10. Wow! Singapore, Violet, that’s amazing. Oh, I’m the same as you – I want to have the experience of working and living in another country. When will the move be happening? 🙂


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