Wedding day snaps!!!

Click on individual pics if you wish to enlarge... Wedding Registration process was the first thing we did in the morning. The Registration office guys had come to the wedding place, so it was very quick. The Ring Ceremony: We have a lot of rituals for this ceremony which go on for about half an... Continue Reading →

Mehendi pics!!!

I was uploading some pics to Picasa and since there is still relative quiet in the house as everyone is coming tomorrow, I thought I would post some pics before they get lost. (click to enlarge) At lunch: the same day of the mehendi. My younger sis, my elder sis and me 🙂 I day... Continue Reading →

Only one week for the wedding!!!

I got my In-Principle Dependent's pass for Singapore today.(it's a temporary slip of paper which can be used to gain entry in the Singapore). I am so relieved, now we don't have to worry about tourist or dependent pass. It can be done when I'm finally there. I'm so impressed by the way things work... Continue Reading →

My Ring…finally!!!

I hope it's visible, you could click to enlarge if you want to. It's basically 2 rows of very tiny diamonds with a slightly larger diamond in the center. This is my Mangalsutra, another essential in a Hindu wedding (except South India, I think). I also spend a lot of time getting the correct one.... Continue Reading →

Random Updates

These updates do help me get things into perspective and see what all is going on with my life. You are probably not that interested but you get to read them anyway. First things first. It's getting very cold and I have realized that I have come to hate cold weather. I used to love... Continue Reading →

Some Randomness…

I know, I know, no book review again. I have a review pending for Big Stone Gap but I'm not in the mood to write it. Also, I'm reading Defenders of the Scroll which is awesome so far. But my progress is slow, not because of the book but because I don't get the time... Continue Reading →

ummm…How do I start?

I'm getting married 🙂 For those who are old and regular readers of my blog, yes, it is the same guy. My parents have agreed to the wedding now 🙂 When you ask? 27th Nov of this year 🙂 I couldn't be more excited 🙂 Sorry for the overdose of smileys but I really cannot... Continue Reading →

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