I’m back…

Sorry for not updating for so long but for the one month I was home, I didn't feel like doing anything except catching up with friends and my sister. And then there was my cousins wedding too. I did read though, obviously. In fact I finished quite a few books although I haven't written even... Continue Reading →

Off to Srilanka…

Yup, I am going to Srilanka tomorrow for 17 days, yay!!! I'm so excited. I've never been to Srilanka in spite of it's proximity to India. I admit it was really never in my places to visit someday but as I have been finding out more about the country via the internet, I can't help... Continue Reading →


Sorry for not updating for so long. I caught a nasty bug, I was down for almost a week. I'm never this sick for more than 2 days in a row. I had high fever, nausea, body ache and a few other things. We were worried it would progress to dengue fever but thankfully it... Continue Reading →

Meeting Melody and Alice

I'm afraid that if I put this off for some more time I might not post about it at all. Thats how lazy I am. I still don't have a job and I really have no excuse. As Melody and Alice said "I can blog all day". I met Alice and Melody on Friday (26th).... Continue Reading →

Updates…from Singapore…

Hi everybody, how are you all. I just thought I would post an in general update before resuming with regular blogging. We reached Singapore on 8th Dec after a lovely week in Goa. We spend the next week setting up house, buying grocery and house hold stuff. My husband (I had wanted to say this... Continue Reading →

Random Updates

These updates do help me get things into perspective and see what all is going on with my life. You are probably not that interested but you get to read them anyway. First things first. It's getting very cold and I have realized that I have come to hate cold weather. I used to love... Continue Reading →


Before you go any further, I would like to tell you where this all started. It started when an author put a link back to my review of his book. See? What I mean? How sad does that look? So I decided why not have a button and change my avatar in general, I'm kind... Continue Reading →

Diwali pics!!!

I had a fantastic day, busy but fantastic. Today's Diwali celebrations are over, it's 11.30 in the night, I'm tired but not sleepy. So I thought I could upload some photographs on Picasa to free some space in my camera. So I thought why not upload some here too. Thats it for now. Tomorrow I... Continue Reading →

Pirated Books!!!

Okay let’s talk about Book Piracy. Here I'm not taking about eBook piracy where you probably see about hundred's of eBooks being uploaded to Torrent everyday. I can safely say that I have never ever downloaded a book illegally. Here I'm talking about paper books. I really don't know about other countries but in India... Continue Reading →

Some Randomness…

I know, I know, no book review again. I have a review pending for Big Stone Gap but I'm not in the mood to write it. Also, I'm reading Defenders of the Scroll which is awesome so far. But my progress is slow, not because of the book but because I don't get the time... Continue Reading →

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