The past 10 days were a blur. My sis and my brother-in-law had come visiting for 10 days and I absolutely did not get time to blog. As there is a major swine flu scare in the city (with a few people dead), we couldn’t go out much for the first 5 days, but for the rest of the days we did visit a few places outside the city. People everywhere were wearing masks in the city. We removed ours as soon as we drove out of the city. But the moment we reached our destination (a beautiful temple situated on a hill top) we saw many people who were wearing masks. That’s enough for hysteria to set in.

It would have been really funny if it weren’t so scary.

On another note, I feel like kicking myself. I forgot to nominate for BBAW. I know. I had actually made a list of the blogs I wanted to nominate but with my sis visiting and all I totally forgot. I remembered on 16th August which would be a 15th in the US. But the nominations were already closed 😦

I just hope my favorite blogs have been nominated by someone else.

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  1. Any mention of the swine flu is enough to set hysteria anywhere! I just hope the situation will not get any worse for any countries that are affected but unfortunately it’s beyond anyone’s control.

    As for the BBAW nomination, I’m thinking if you can drop Amy an email and explain your situation? Perhaps she’d give you the chance to nominate based on your reason. 🙂


  2. Awww, I just managed to join in at the last minute to nominate 🙂

    It seems as though the whole world’s gone into Swine Flu terror. You’ve only got to sneeze in a public place here and you get people moving away from you. 😛


  3. Swine flu is so scary! When I first heard of it, I laughed, but with people dying of it, it’s really, really scary.

    Thanks for the pics, I love them!


  4. It is amazing the difference – we have swine flu in our town – I’ve had it and so have most of my friends. Most people actually want to catch it, before it mutates into something nastier. Is it more deadly in your town? Are healthy people dying?


  5. Those pics would be funny if they weren’t so scary! I’m glad you had fun with your sis. Take care of yourself!


  6. I hope you and your loved ones remain healthy, Violet! Swine flu isn’t too bad in my area just yet…I really hope it doesn’t mutate into something worse in the Falll.


  7. Oh no, swine flu! Hope everyone is well around you. I know how you feel about everything being a blur; for once I am happy for school to be back in session- it will give me a break!


  8. Hi Violet, H1N1 is quite a situation here in Malaysia as well. Please take care of yourself…

    Speaking of BBAW, I’ve been nominated for the MOST ECLECTIC BLOG. Woohoo!~~


  9. Violet–you are just as cute as a button! No worries for not blogging while you’re having such fun with your sister and brother-in-law. I hope you remain safe from the virus. It hasn’t been in the press here for several months, but I know H1N1 shots are being worked up for the fall.


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