Happy New Year!!!

First of all, a very happy New Year to all of you!!!
I was thinking of doing a resolutions post, but this year I am not making any. Well, almost. My first and I think only resolution I will follow through is ‘Not to bite my nails’. I love long, nicely trimmed nails. So, yes, that is one of my resolutions. I think it’s something I make every year. What does that say about my ability to keep one?
New Years Eve this time was spend in peace. My younger sis was working on a scrapbook and I was playing a computer game. J called up at the stroke of midnight. We chatted for some time. At around 12.30 my sis and I wished each other ‘A happy New year’ and we went off to sleep.
1st day of the year was a different story altogether. J and I had the day off from work so he had come down from Mumbai for the day. We had a nice breakfast in a local Udipi restaurant. We went for a stroll on M.G.Road, we then had a very nice and cozy lunch in one of my fav Chinese restaurant. We decided to go for a long drive, somewhere near the very place we went sometime back. J wanted to find a secluded spot and I wanted a secluded spot next to the lake, so that’s exactly what we found. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera along, so no pics. There are some taken from my cell, I’ll upload them and see if they are any good to post.

I saw a real scarecrow for the first time in my life at the fields near the lake. There were many small white, gorgeous birds feasting on the crop and we saw a man scaring the birds away with a sling and stones. Neat.
We left after it started turning dark. We returned to the city and J left at around 8 in the evening. What a fantastic day!!!
We also went to the bookstore Landmark for some 15 mins. So the New Year has started on a very good level. J and books. What else could I possibly want?
How was your New Year eve? Or the first day of the year for that matter?

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  1. Happy New Years! I JUST stopped biting my nails-a bad habit I broke myself of when I was 11 and started again two years ago. But when I was in my car accident a couple weeks ago, my lip got hurt really badly, so I couldn’t bite my nails. And now that my lip’s healing, I’m making sure to keep polish on my new nails to save them. Which is a long way to say I completely sympathise with your resolution. 😀

    I had a quiet New Year’s Eve, like almost always. I like them better that way!


  2. Happy New Year! I’m glad you had such a great day 🙂 I didn’t do much myself…sat around on my pajamas on New Year’s Eve, and comforted the dogs who were terrified of the fireworks outside. I kinda like spending quiet New Year’s, though. And I studied on the first day of the year. Meh 😛


  3. Wanted to drop in and wish you a Happy New Year! I meant to this on the first, but the book challenges have me stretched too thin. I was thinking it would ease up over the next few days, but now I don’t know. I signed up for a mess load of them!

    Anyway, wanted to wish you the best in 2009!


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