Day Three—Unexpected Treasure

We invite you to share with us a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger. What made you cave in to try something new and what was the experience like?

Before I started blogging or even after a year of blogging I read thrillers, romance, memoirs, literary fiction, horror, and a few other genre’s. But there was one genre that I was not very aware of.

Young Adult.

The only Young Adult books I had read were the Twilight Series and I didn’t even know that YA was such a vast genre. But soon I discovered blogs that reviewed YA books and a whole new world opened up. I have always been attracted to book covers and I think the YA genre has some of the most attractive covers. Then I won a couple of YA books, I got a few requests for reviews and I was hooked.

Now YA is one of the genres I love. I keep reading reasons for why people read YA. One of the reasons I kept coming across is that Bloggers read YA books because they are quick reads and since people don’t have much time or that they are pressured to post reviews. Yes, it’s true that YA books are quick reads but is that the only reason we read? A few bloggers might have that reason but not all bloggers read YA just because they are quick reads. That would be undermining the genre. We as book bloggers read above average and quick reads can be why we read certain books. But we need more than that. Reading is more than having a huge “books read” count.

What I love most about books is their ability to transport us to different places and YA does that effectively. Besides YA has some of the best fantasies.

So thank you to all the bloggers who blog about YA books. I’m not talking about blogs that blog only about YA, I’m talking about blogs that review other genre’s too. So thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful genre.

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  1. Oh yes! I’ve to confess I’ve been reading lots of YA titles this year as compared to the past, thanks to all the wonderful recommendations I’ve got around the blogosphere! 🙂


  2. I’ve read more YA because of blogs too. I often find there is more to talk about when reviewing them and I love the development that can be included for a character because they are younger. There is development in older books too but I find YA more compelling in that way.


  3. How awesome that you’ve found a love for YA!

    I’ve always had a weakness for YA. It doesn’t have a lot to do with building up stats or because the books are shorter (although huge tomes have intimidated me in the past, and may get pushed aside for shorter books of any genre if I’m not in the mood for a long read).

    What I like best about YA is the emotional intensity. There are so many changes and possibilities for those teen years that the story possibilities are endless. Sometimes I just pick up YA for a fun read (I read the Princess Diaries & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books in my 20s).


  4. Definitely YA for me as well. I read all the Harry Potter books before I started blogging but now every time I go to the bookstore I also head over to the Young Adult or even Teen section to see what I can pick up. I think my favorite is probably John Green–an author I would have never discovered without other bloggers.


    1. Not really, I had read only the first 2 books from the series and I looked for Eclipse everywhere but didn’t find it. YA wasn’t very popular in India 3 years back. But when Breaking Dawn released, the bookstores were stocked with her books. Now we definitely have more options.


  5. I’m with you — before I started blogging, I hadn’t picked up a YA book in years! Well, aside from Twilight — but that doesn’t really count in my mind, considering so many adults around me pressured me into picking it up! Now I love YA, too; many of my favorite books come from that genre.


  6. You tell me about it, same here! I think I am reading more and more YA these days.. 😀

    I like this change, I enjoy it too!


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