Weekly Geeks: How do you handle a book?

I haven’t done a meme in a long time and love doing memes. So I thought I would do a previous Weekly Geeks – How do you handle a book? I think they are fun questions.

How do you choose what to read? Is it random or planned? Based on your mood, challenges, titles, covers, topic? Before blogging I usually just went around the bookstore and picked up whatever I felt like-very random. Sometimes I would remember a book mentioned by someone on Shelfari and I would pick that. Now a days it’s mostly recommendations from other bloggers but sometimes it’s random too.

What process do you use for reading? Do you take notes while reading? Annotate your books? Just read? ummm…just read. If I like a para or a sentence too much I underline it or dog ear. I know.

What happens when you are done reading? Do you wait to review or write immediately? Do you revisit and revise before posting? I try and write the review the same day I finish the book. I read the review at least twice to correct any grammatical errors but I avoid revising too much. I would end up disliking everything I write that way.

What other tasks do you go through after reading a book? Is your blog the only place you post a review? Do you keep lists of readings? Catalog genre, page numbers, gender of authors, etc.?
After I post the review on my blog, I post it on Goodreads, sometimes on Shelfari, B&N, Powells if the author or publicist requests for it. GoodReads is the place I catalog my books, but I am not very detailed about it. No page nos and gender of authors for me.

What happens to the book when you are done with it? Does it end up in your home library? Go back to a public library? BookMooch? Home Library. I have a problem, I don’t like giving out my books. I do lend it to friends but I make sure they come back to me. I am working on it 🙂

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  1. I actually like to wait a day or two before writing my reviews, to let my feelings about the book settle. If I write it the same day, I feel like I haven’t had enough time to process it.


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