The Knitting circle by Ann Hood

The knitting circleMary Baxter is at the center of this story. Her life is perfect. She has her husband Dylan and a darling 5 year old daughter Stella and a writing job. Nothing can go wrong with her life. But one day her life becomes an endless stream of grief when Stella dies of Meningitis.
Within 36 hours Mary’s life turns upside down.

Seeing that Mary is unable to do anything at all after Stella’s death, her mother urges her to join a knitting club. At first, she doesn’t want to join, but unable to do anything else, she does. She is awkward at the beginning like everyone else, but eventually she learns to knit scarf’s, socks, sweaters, gloves, blankets and in the process gets to know her fellow knitting woman. As she gets to know each of their stories, she forms a bond with them.

As Mary gets to know all these women and yes, men too, she realizes how different and yet how similar their lives are and how in spite of all the differences they come to the knitting circle for the same reason, for the tranquility it brings. And for the love of knitting too.

Scarlet is hiding a guilt from her past, a guilt which tears her up everyday and makes her think she is not capable of loving anyone else.

Lulu, who seems very outgoing and outspoken from the outside, is a nervous wreck from inside. Every moment of her life is a reflection of what happened to her some years back.

Beth looks perfect. She is always perfectly dressed and well managed and has 4 children whom she constantly talks about. What could she be hiding?

Roger is getting ready to bid farewell to his partner whom he is going to loose sometime in the near future.

Ellen is struggling hard to save her daughter Bridget from the clutches of death.

Every woman’s story is different, but Mary begins to relate and empathize with each of them over time.

The author Ann Hood lost her daughter Grace when she was 5 years old which is an inspiration for this book. That is one of the reasons why Mary’s struggles and feelings seem so real. I sympathized and loved her throughout, even when sometimes I was really irritated with her and wanted to tell her to just get on with her life. In spite of so many stories, I never felt confused or overwhelmed. And the ending is just perfect.

I enjoyed this book even though it was not an easy read, not because of the language or the plot, but because at some point of time I got involved with most of the characters.

Readers who love to knit; this book is perfect for you. For those who don’t knit, never mind, you might love it as well.

7 thoughts on “The Knitting circle by Ann Hood

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  1. This looks like just the book for me. I started knitting just over a month ago and love it. Now all i need to do is figure out how to knit and read at the same time.
    Thanks. xx


  2. Yes Fab, you’ll love the book. You can try it out and it’s not too big either.

    Melody: Even I don’t know how to knit, but I certainly feel like learning after reading this book.


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