Review: The Miracle girls

Ana, a 14 year old girl, and her family move from San Jose to a small town called Half Moon Bay, where her father has opened a law practice. Ana is a typical teenager who is angry and sad because she has to leave her friends and school and come to a place where she does not know anybody. She tries to fit in the school and the kids but fails every time. Then she complains about a popular cheerleader Riley during a test where she thinks Riley is cheating. I was very angry with her at that point. I mean why do you want to complain about a fellow student, especially when you are trying to fit in? Forget right and wrong, for me that was a very stupid thing to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying cheating is right, but I believe in minding my own business. She could have handled it a little differently instead of directly complaining to the professor. And I am forgetting that this is just a book. Oh well.

In fact to tell you the truth, I could identify with so many situations that Ana went through (except the cheating incident of course).
The pain of having strict parents, the fear of doing something by hiding it from them, the fear of getting caught, the guilt. And the authors have written it so well I could almost relive those moments, not that I wanted to.

At detention she is grouped with 3 other girls, Christine, Zoe and Riley, where they have to share one day or incident which changed their lives. The four girls end up sharing their deepest secrets. Zoe wants all the girls to come together for having in common the fact that they went through life threatening incidents and still lived. She calls this group the miracle girls.

The book is filled with typical teenage incidents, camp fires, crushes, jealousy and stuff. A teenager’s view of Christian youth groups is also well described. It’s like reading a teenager’s personal diary. I found the writing very easyto read, fun and humorous. I finished this book in 2 sittings. And considering the pace with which I read books lately, that’s quite a feat.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read a fun and a clean YA novel. The next book is releasing in April 2009. Why can’t the authors just hurry up with it?

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