Book Spotlight: Belly of the whale

This spotlight is part of Pump Up Your Book Promotion Book tours. My copy seems to have vanished somewhere in the mail. I think I’ll wait for 15 more days and then purchase this book. I just don’t think I can wait enough to read this considering the reviews it has got. And if the review copy does arrive in mail, I can always pass it on to someone else to read.

The Belly of the Whale by Linda Merlino
• Length: 208 pages
• Publication date: April 1, 2008
• Publisher: Kunati, Inc.
• ISBN-10: 1601640188
• ISBN-13: 978-1601640185

Book Synopsis:
Hudson Catalina has given up—having lost both breasts to cancer, she is emotionally and physically exhausted, no longer willing to endure the nausea and crushing weakness of her grueling treatment. Nothing in her life—not even her beloved husband and children, her best friend, or her passion for teaching high school—will sway her decision to terminate her treatment. On the eve of her daughter’s fifth birthday celebration, a troubled former student confronts her, hell-bent on violent revenge and then suicide. Facing certain peril, Hudson vows to do whatever she must in order to survive and see her husband and children once again.

Thank you Tracee Gleichner of Pump Up Your Book Promotion Book Tours for giving me a place in this book tour.

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Do not forget to visit Linda Merlino’s site.

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