My updates: In bullet points

Please forgive me for being lazy and a little busy.

  • I think I am turning into an obsessive, controlling, whiney and touchy girlfriend. Not that he says anything, but I guess I’ll improve before he gets irritated.
  • I bought 3 MTV shirts for the price of one. Awesome sale, awesome bargain.
  • That reminds me the fact that I am spending wayyyyy too much, not necessarily on shopping, but that’s not the point.
  • I lost my glasses the other day and I am dreading the fact that I have to spend again.
  • But while I am at it, what do you think I should buy. How’s the new Titan Eye+ range?
  • I am reading a book named ‘Abandoned’ which is a true story and is very depressing. I am about to finish it and I think I am in a desperate need to read a chick lit to ensure my faith into humanity again. Any recommendations?
  • I have realized most of my posts lately have been about J. Yeah, I know, its boring, trust me I find it boring too. I need to put a little variety in my posts.
  • Well, as I have already mentioned J, let me tell you he got me an MP4 player from Bahrain. It nice, cute, compact and ‘Made in China’. Is there any gadget that is not made in China?
  • I have learnt to cook people. I can now dish out a pretty decent meal all by myself. And that makes me happy because I don’t like to eat out frequently. Once or twice a week is more than enough.
  • And yes, btw, J cooked a nice brunch for me on Sunday. He is good even though he can cook only basic stuff.

Now before this post turns into another J post, I’ll end the post here. Hope everyone is well and had a good weekend.

11 thoughts on “My updates: In bullet points

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  1. Yay!

    Learning to cook is good. It’s actually quite enjoyable when you get into it, no?

    Glasses – go for cool ones! If you have to wear them (as I do) then go for a nice pair!

    I’m no good on chick-lit, sorry. “The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency” series are very feel-good books though…


  2. Oh yes, learning to cook is a very good idea – I like that make of glasses, good choice.

    And I think you’re right about china – I worked for a Chinese businessman and there was gadgets of every variety arriving at my house in carrier bags!


  3. Huw: The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency??? Never heard of them but sounds good.
    And no cooking is not enjoyable, at least not now, but its bearable. I like to cook for others. I wont cook just for myself, ever.

    Pete: Chinese Businessman huh? I am kind of envious of the kind of gadgets you must have recieved. After all they do look nice and chic.


  4. Yup, they’re a series by Alexander McCall Smith. They’re very popular over here – set in Botswana (but well-written by a Scotsman?!). A very easy & pleasant read, absolutely charming and like I say, very ‘feel good’.

    You’ll learn to love cooking I promise! When you get confident, you’ll probably start cooking for fun! It’s rather therapeutic! Trust me…!


  5. Okay Huwie, I’ll certainly give them a try if they are available in the local bookstores (which I doubt).

    I would like to believe you on the cooking bit and hope it comes true 🙂


  6. They’re very popular so I wouldn’t be surprised if you find them there (although I guess it depends on distribution rights, etc)

    Keep up the cooking! The more you do, the more you’ll enjoy it!


  7. Hey Huw, I found it on Landmark site, its one of the largest bookstore chains in India. So obviously I find it in the stores. Yay, i am looking forward to reading it.

    Pete: Oh…thats bad, you got nothing complementary, at least once in a while???


  8. Yay cool! Let me know what you think!

    (Start with the book that’s actually called “The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” because that’s the first in the series…!)


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