A chance to live with dignity

He adores children. He always mentions he would love to have a girl. The other day I said I would like to adopt. He looked at me amazed for a second and then said that he always wanted to do the same thing himself.

As college students we used to go to various orphanages to distribute things and to spend time with the children. The experience humbles you. You realize you are so fortunate to have a family or loved ones by your side.

There was this particular year, when we went to an organization called SHREEVATSA managed by SOFOSH. We all were overwhelmed by what we saw. Children as young as 1 day abandoned by their families. We were taken to different rooms where children were placed depending on their age groups. We went to this one room with about 10-12 children in it. 

We played with the kids for some time. When it was time to leave and return the kids to their respective bunk beds, most of them started crying, not wanting us to put them down. There was this tiny girl with translucent skin and curly hair staring at us with big black eyes. She looked so delicate and tiny that we were scared she would break into pieces if anyone touched her. She was sitting all by herself for those 15 or so minutes we were inside. For the last 5 mins I could not take it anymore. I went to her and slowly took her in my arms. I was afraid I would break some part of her body if I was even a little rough. I was so scared of hurting her. She didn’t laugh or squeal like other children. She just kept looking at me, all bewildered. After 5 mins it was time for us to go. I reluctantly put her down. As I approached the door I turned back to look at her one last time. And she gave me the sweetest smile I have ever seen.

To this day, even after so many years, I have never been able to forget that girl. I had promised to myself then that I am going to adopt at least one child, preferably a girl.

Seeing the secondary treatment still given to girls In India, I feel ashamed. People who worship goddesses and hold their mothers in such high regard fail to realize that these little girls, too one day, will become mothers or wives. They will also make them proud if given a chance. I want to give some girl that chance. A chance to be happy. A chance to live with dignity.

I hope after some years I would be able to realize this one dream of mine. And I am so happy that J is in it with me.

4 thoughts on “A chance to live with dignity

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  1. That’s amazing.

    There’s nothing like those kind of experiences to give us some perspective is there?

    I hope you both get to share that dream and make such a difference to someone’s life! (…and your own as well, obviously!)


  2. A very emotive and moving post Vi, I hope you and J can fulfill your dream, and may it bring you as much happiness as you will surely bring to the one you adopt!


  3. Huwie, Jason: Thanks. It will obviously make a difference to the life of the child we adopt but it will change and humble our lives as well.

    Pinky: The first time i mentioned this was to J, I had never before said it to anyone before. I dont know why. But I cried that day for the first time remembering this.


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