By CM 

I remember doing something like this before, but anywayz…

Seven brides for seven brothers (or just 7 things you didn’t know about me):
1) I love to dream.
2) I never have to watch my weight; I can eat whatever I want without putting on (touch wood)
3) I still love popsicles which were so famous and wanted when I was a kid.
4) I have nice dark hair and I know many girls who are jealous of it 🙂
5) I think I have low self esteem, not as low as ‘You need to go to a shrink’. But the thing is you will never be able to look at me or talk to me and know that I have it. I can nicely wrap it up in a layer of sweet, confident smiles and good communication skills. You need to very close to me to know that.
6) I don’t LOOVEE chocolates or ice creams or cakes as much as other people do. I am satisfied with just one piece of cake or just one scoop of ice-cream.
7) I hate my elder sis, I know hate is a strong word, but I just couldn’t use dislike.

Oh…god, it  feels like a confession day. I should have stuck to chocolates and ice-creams.

May the power of four compell you:
Four jobs that i have had:
– As a BPL sales girl
– In a US based call center (for AT&T wireless)
– As a software engineer
– As a software engineer (Yawnnnn)

Four films i can watch repeatedly:
– The Jungle Book
– If Only
– One fine day
– The final encounter

Four places that i have lived:
Not many, not four actually, so I’ll skip this

Four places at which i’ve taken a holiday:
– Manali
– Agra

Four of my favourite dishes:
– chicken kebabs
– Peking duck(I am fan of it since I had it in Mainland China)
– Bhel (that is junk food btw)
– Burgers (all kinds)

Four websites i visit daily (not blogs):
– Google
– asktom.oracle.com
I don’t think ‘almost everyday’ visits count, so I wont mention them.

I have to tag people? Everyone seems to be tagged. So anyone who would like to do it.

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  1. Oh I am honored CM, but the ‘final encounter’ one is wrong, as in I don’t remember the name. Can you believe it?
    I have seen the movie almost 10 times and I don’t remember the name.


  2. Umm…it’s not ‘Brief encounter’, I checked, it is ‘Behind the enemy lines’. Totally off the mark, ain’t I?

    Pinky, delicious indeed 🙂


  3. Im not a chocolate freak either. Although choc cake is good.
    Whats up with you and your sis. Hate is a really strong word.


  4. Hmmmm. Don’t know that film… I must check it out!
    Anyway, Brief Encounter is brilliant (a real oldies black & white number) – watch it when you can!


  5. I’ll make it a point to watch it CM, meanwhile you have to watch ‘Behind enemy lines’ It is just a fantastic movie. I am always on the edge of my seat even though I have watched it so many times.


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