One year of so much…

It has been exactly one year since blogging and honestly it doesn’t feel like so much time has gone by.
I had to go back to my previous blog and check the date from the Archives and as I was already in there, I thought why not read the previous entries as well?
It is interesting to know what was your thought process was before. I still have more or less the same beliefs, but some of them have changed. I have changed over time, and it is often interesting to measure the difference.

Frankly I never expected a single comment on my first post. I mean why would anyone like to comment on something that is related only to me and which is not that interesting either.
But guess what? I got the first comment within 5 mins. And it was from Sammy. Though it was a simple Hello, it felt good.

And there were Pete, Katja and Bunny, Nik. They really made me feel good, maybe, without realizing it themselves. They gave me the courage to write the next entry and the next, until it became as easy as talking to myself.

One gets to read so many articles in newspapers and Magazines about blogging; about so many people into it and all. They give figures in millions.
But really, there are so many people who just start a blog and then god knows why, but they just disappear. One can read so much about ‘How to start a blog’, tips and tricks, but really, how many of us follow them? Fab has mentioned one such on her blog. How many of us have an agenda and a plan?

For me it is for the love of writing, which I didn’t know I have till I started blogging. Though sometimes it does seem like a chore, but most of the time it is just pure fun.

Whenever I heard someone has started a blog, I was one of those who used to raise eyebrows. I was ignorant. You cannot comment or you don’t have the right to comment on blogging unless you have tried it once.
But everything else apart, it has given me so many things I would never like to part with. One of them being such wonderful readers and friends. It is something I cherish and would continue to do so.
Here’s looking forward to many more years of it.

7 thoughts on “One year of so much…

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  1. Blogging is so Theraputic isn’t it?!

    I first started blogging as “Purple” on 20Six because of a certain Erudite Chap of those parts. He and I had engaged in an e-mail conversation some time previously about the pronunciation of my Surname, as he was moving in to a road named after my family in London. A friend had later googled me for some reason and discovered that he had blogged about it, he sent me the link, and the rest as they say is History!

    When I first started doesn’t really matter to me, what DOES matter is some of the fantastic friends I’ve made along the way! and long may it continue!


  2. Oh yes, it is Jason, it is also a release of pent up emotions. Whenever there is something I can’t tell anyone else, for whatever reason, I always have my blog to say it to.


  3. Nice entry. Even though i have been blogging for years i have moved about a little and even changed my name. This was becasue some other bloggers were not being very nice to me and i had to get away but also it was a chance for me to grow in a different way. Have a bit more of a grown up blog name, and be the real me.
    My old blog seemed to of taken over me. I was no longer who i wanted to be but i was being what people expected.
    Now my blog is honest as you can get. I can talk about my pain and experences rather than hiding them in fear of judgement.
    Happy blog birthday. x


  4. Happy Birthday! (sort of…!) Blogging is great. I know a few people who have stopped blogging since Facebook came along but I don’t really understand that. Facebook is good and all that, but it is completely different.

    There’s nothing like a good blog to actually WRITE something.

    Here’s to many more great blog posts from the Violet one!


  5. I really don’t understand how anyone can be rude to others unless they are hurting your sentiments or beliefs, and I doubt you would ever do that. Yes, your blog is honest and that is what I like about it.

    CM : I agree, Facebook is not blogging, it is just a pretext of it…


  6. Gosh, has it only been a year? It seems like you’ve been around for so much longer than that, Violet – that’s a good thing, by the way. 😉 The thing I like about your blog is that you write honestly about things without ever being self-indulgent, which is rare among the blogging community. Here’s to many more years! x


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