Guy Erma and the Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia

Title: Guy Erma and the son of Empire
Author: Sally Ann Melia
Source: Review copy
Genre: Young Adult science fiction

My thoughts:
Guy Erma and the son of empire is about 2 teenage boys with different statuses and upbringing and how their paths converge.
When Teodor, the Prince of Freyne, is kidnapped, it sets the ball rolling for the events that might change the future of Freyne. There are cyborgs, cyroaches, battle borgs, gorons, blade fighting, shape shifting and all kinds of awesome things. Also the political drama adds to the many layers and intrigue. It’s an epic adventure.

I’m impressed with the authors imagination and the way she spins the story together. It’s especially important since a lot of young adult novels lately are based on similar themes and storylines. For starters I wouldn’t categorise this book into YA. It’s a crossover book that can easily be loved and enjoyed by all ages.

Guy Erma is not a one-dimensional book. We get to see how the story unfolds from a few different viewpoints, and every angle and viewpoint is interesting in its own way. Although it took me the first 50 pages to get into the book, after that I could not put it down.

I would recommend this to everyone who likes science fiction or just a plain good story.

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