Romance Month at Tasha’s (Heidenkind) – Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas

Tasha is having a Romance month in December and becaus I love Romance I thought I could take part too. If you haven’t visited Heidenkind yet, you should.

When I think of Romance, I think of Nora Roberts as she was one of the first I read. But Lisa Kleypas was someoene who introduced me to Historical Romance. It’s not that I hadn’t read any before but her books were the first that made me want to reach out for other Historical Romance books.

For today, I would like to tell you about one of my favorite series by Lisa Kleypas – The Hathway Series.

I was introduced to this series and Lisa Kleypas when I won the second book, Seduce me at Sunrise, in the Hathway series. I loved the book (I’ve even reviewed it here) and was surprised by how witty and funny the book was. Needless to say I looked up the series and bought the first and the third book from the series which I ended up loving as well. (The review for Mine till Midnight is here). I recently bought the last 3 books in the series and gobbled them up.finished them in a couple fo days. Thats how much I love this series.

The Hathaway books are about the Hathaway family that consists of 5 members – Amelia, Luke, Winnipen, Beatrice and Poppy. This family is very different from other families in the sense that they are very eccentric, don’t follow social norms and are generally unconciously set out to break every rule out there. Each of the characters have a distinct personality which in turn also shapes the story of the respective books. I was very surprised over how independent and strong each of the women in these books are. The dialogues are witty and there is not a single boring moment in any of the books. Of course, I like some books better than the others, but overall I simply love this series.

I won’t go into the plots of all the books but suffice to say I have ever followed a series and made it a point to buy and read all the books. So that definitely says a lot.

6 thoughts on “Romance Month at Tasha’s (Heidenkind) – Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas

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  1. HI Violet & Tasha *waves*

    I love this series, especially the first two, although Mine Till Midnight is my favourite. Let’s just say I related to Amelia quite a bit…I’m still waiting for my Cam though. *fans self*

    What I would love is a continuation of the books – I want to know what happens in Ireland (hopes that isn’t moving into spoiler territory) ’cause the renovation trope is my favourite 🙂


    1. Hey Orannia, I would love a continuation too but I also need a brand new series. I hope she writes more historicals instead of contemporaries which she seems to be concentrating on lately.

      Oh and hope you get your Cam soon 😉


  2. Melody, Tasha: I don’t think I have. I’ve read the Wallflower series but I’m thinking it’s pretty latest. I do need to start on a good series by her though. I’ll look into her older books 🙂


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