Wordless Wednesday: Srilanka

That's Elephant skull

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    1. It was taken during a boat ride in Srilanka. We saw a young guy with a croc and he gave me to hold it. At one point the croc started wriggling in my hands, I got a little nervous and put it down next to me. It found my husband’s sunglasses and it actually bit them but I guess it realized that the glasses weren’t food after all 🙂


  1. wow! awesome pics! that gator – er – crocdile?… is that real?

    That elephant skull is huge!!!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome pics.

    Feel free to stop by my less awesome ww post.



  2. Glad it didn’t try ot bite your hand as it might have ideed found food and taken another bite, have to be happy it’s just a little one and not as big as that skull. Interesting how the skull cavity looks like a cyclops perhaps finding such a skull in the distant past has something to do with the cyclops legend. Happy WW


  3. You held a croc?????? Even after wha happened to Rekha in that movie…where she is thrown into the movie and is attached by that croc …
    OMG! U r brave 😛

    I dnt like skulls.. 😦


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