Free Saga of Beowulf e-book and BTT…

BeowulfI have some great news for you. For those who do not follow R. Scot Johns blog, well, you should. As his blog name says he writes about author adventures, be it publishing, writing or promoting. And now, just for a limited period of time, you can download the entire Saga of Beowulf e-book for free.
As he puts it, 

As much as I’d like to sell a ton of books, I really just want as many people to enjoy reading it as possible, and giving out free eBooks is one way to accomplish that. 

So what are you waiting for, hurry up and download the book, the offer may not last long. Go to his blog and download via the links at the left or on the Fantasy Castle Books website, in any of the digital formats listed. Just right-click on the image to save, or click to open.
Oh I just forgot to mention that he has designed the cover himself. Isn’t it great? If you want to look at more of his art and also some maps and more information on Beowulf, please do visit the Fantasy Castle Books website.

About the book: The Saga of Beowulf is the first complete and accurate novelization of the epic Old English poem Beowulf, chronicling the tragic wars of the rising Nordic nations, the endless blood-feuds of their clans, battles with mythic creatures in an ancient heroic age, and the final, futile struggle of one man against the will of Fate that made of him a Legend.

The story follows the young Norse warrior Beowulf as he embarks upon a fateful quest for vengeance against the creature that slew his father, setting in motion a sequence of events that will bring about the downfall of a nation, all the while fleeing from the woman he has sworn to love. Based on extensive historical research and steeped in Nordic myth and lore, the saga unfolds across the frozen fields of Sweden and the fetid fens of Denmark, ranging from the rocky heights of Geatland to the sprawling battlefields of ancient France, as our hero battles men and demons in a quest to conquer his own fears.

“An epic adventure 1500 years in the making,” this classic tale now comes to life once more in a bold new retelling for a modern audience.

And now let’s turn our attention to this week’s BTT. Today’s question is

I saw that National Library week is coming up in April, and that led to some questions. How often do you use your public library and how do you use it? Has the coffeehouse/bookstore replaced the library? Did you go to the library as a child? Do you have any particular memories of the library? Do you like sleek, modern, active libraries or the older, darker, quiet, cozy libraries?

National Library week huh? I didn’t know there was anything like that.
For better or for worse, I don’t use libraries anymore. The first library I ever visited was the school library. Although it wasn’t that big, it was enough. After school, i.e. after my 10th grade I joined a library which my mom used to frequent. As it stocked only Marathi language books, that’s what I read. After shifting houses, I have found a small library near my house. They stock all the popular authors, like Nora Roberts, Sidney Sheldon and such.

When I feel like reading a Nora Robert’s or a Mills and Boon book, I head to the library. But mostly, since I started earning, I frequent book stores. Most of my books come from book blogs recommendations. Sometimes I make a list before visiting a bookstore. But generally 90% of the books are not available, so I browse. And I am digressing…the question was about libraries right?

What I am saying is that I buy a lot of books. As for the type of libraries I like, I don’t really mind any. It just has to have a great collection. Al though if I had to choose I would choose older, darker, quiet, cozy libraries anytime. In fact there is a very old library in my city near my ex-college. I don’t go there as it’s very far from my house but whenever I am in that area I don’t forget to peep in. Recently I heard that it’s going to close. And I feel really bad. I have seen old people lounging on the chairs in the afternoons in the verandas and students studying. I wonder where all these people will go now.

Anyways, what about you? Do you visit libraries?

17 thoughts on “Free Saga of Beowulf e-book and BTT…

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Violet!

    Like you, I don’t visit the libraries anymore. I prefer to buy books nowadays, I like them new and they’re keepers! LOL.


  2. I am like you in that I do like to buy new books but I quite like the library being there when I can’t decide what I want to read as I know that I will usually be able to find something! Happy BTT!


  3. I buy most of my books new too! I rarely go library anymore unless it necessarily to. But I love reading Nora Roberts too, I have collect almost all of her books *grin*.

    It is sad when library are close down, it won’t help those who rely on library for books when they are on budget to buy books. I just hope they don’t close it down though 🙂

    Happy Thursday, I hope you have a good rest of the day! 🙂


  4. I must check this out! I loved the Seamus Heaney transcription of Beowulf, it was amazing.

    A new ‘library’ has just openend around the corner from me. I was very excited about this, until I discovered that it is a community centre/gym/internet cafe/library… (I mean, come ON!) yup you’ve guessed it – about 4 books in there. It COULD have been so good. Gutted.


  5. Thanks for telling us about the free e-book. I’m going to go get that one.

    I like your answers to the BTT questions. Mine is up!


  6. I really like the cover of R. Scot Johns book. Thanks for the link to the e-book.

    I don’t frequent the library often either. I have many fond memories of visiting the library as a child, but so rarely get there nowadays. Like you, I tend to buy my books. That is sad that your closest library will be closing.


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