BTT: Gold Medal Reading

You, um, may have noticed that the Olympics are going on right now, so that’s the genesis of this week’s question, in two parts:


Do you or have you ever read books about the Olympics? About sports in general?
Fictional ones? Or non-fiction? Or both?
And, Second:

Do you consider yourself a sports fan?
Because, of course, if you’re a rabid fan and read about sports constantly, there’s a logic there; if you hate sports and never read anything sports-related, that, too … but you don’t have to love sports to enjoy a good sports story.(Or a good sports movie, for that matter. Feel free to expand this into a discussion about “Friday Night Lights” or “The Natural” or whatever…)

(For the record, I am not a sports fan at all, but I’ll watch almost any Olympics event, have indeed read books about the Olympics–and strongly recommend The Second Mark, which yes, is about Figure Skating, but was a fantastic story and particularly enthralling in its view into life as an athlete in China, so no sneering at the sport, okay? The book was fascinating. I’ve also read a history of the 1896 Olympics (there’s also a good mini-series which just came out on DVD).)

I had to think a little to answer this weeks BTT question.

Okay, First: I am not a sports fan and Second: I don’t mind reading sports related books if they are not too technical.
Having said that, I don’t think I have read any except ‘It’s not about the bike’ if that falls into that category. It’s not more of the sports that made me read it, but more like how Lance Armstrong managed to overcome his disease. That itself makes for a mind blowing story. But then again I loved reading about the cycle races he had described in the book as well.

About Sports movies, I don’t remember watching any English ones, but I absolutely love a couple of Indian movies. ‘Jo jeeta wahi sikandar’ is a perennial favorite and the latest ‘Chak de India’ was an equally mind blowing movie.

I would be grateful if any of you could recommend me a good sports book, I am absolutely ready to read one. Is Seabiscuit a sports book?

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  1. Oh! Lance Armstrong’s biography would be a good one! I think most of my potential sports reading would have to be along the lines of awesome athlete biographies.


  2. Seabiscuit is a sports book…and a lot more. Hillenbrand manages to take the story of a champion racehorse, his owner, his trainer, and his jockey and weave it into the broader canvas of life in America during the Depression. I went to see the movie with a friend who was not interested in horses at all, and she loved it. The book and the film are both winners.


  3. Shoot, I forgot about Seabiscuit! If you love Seabiscuit the movie, Farlap is a great one, too. I believe it’s an Australian story, and the horse’s name “Farlap” is an aboriginal word.


  4. Sally: I just realized there are very less people who actually look out for sports books to read or even like reading them.

    thekoolaidmom: I still haven’t read Seabiscuit. But now I’ll make sure I’ll pick it up during my next book shopping.


  5. I never read Lance Armstrong books but I know he is a great guy. The struggle and what he acomplished, are wonderful !

    Saying that, am not sport fan either but I do read the fiction sport books. A few of them are good if you like light contemporary romance with humors.


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