2008 in review…

Let’s see. 2008 brought a lot of major changes in my life. Firstly, at the beginning of the year, I was totally frustrated with my job, I felt as if I was stuck, not work wise or anything. But I had this feeling as if nothing was moving; I was stuck in a place where... Continue Reading →

Photo blogging…

I just feel like photo blogging today. I was arranging my book shelf at home. I missed it so much. These are the only books I have and absolutely no space to keep them, so I resist buying new books. My TBR pile. I just love this particular piece of furniture. I don't use all... Continue Reading →

A goodbye to Bangalore…

Today is my last working day here in Bangalore. One week in the guest house was wonderful. I met a really nice girl and we got along really well. I just hope we keep in touch. I am leaving for Pune tomorrow and going to my sisters place today evening. I don’t believe It's been 6... Continue Reading →

Caution: Rant starts here

The past 2 weeks have been rough. So taxing that I did not feel like writing it on my blog even. Starts off with my roommates getting transferred to Pune. One left on the 18th, one left this Friday. We vacate the flat and I have no place to stay. Of course I could have... Continue Reading →

Books made from human skin

I was reading ‘The time travelers wife', when the author mentions books made from human skin. I had never heard or read about anything like this before. So I decided to Google a bit. And surprisingly I have come up with loads and loads of information.  The practice was fairly common in the 19th century.... Continue Reading →

The Moment of truth

Do you believe you are better looking than all of your friends? Did you ever fake it in bed? Do you ever check out other women/men in front of your spouse? Are you in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you find any of your spouse’s friends attractive? would you cheat on your partner if you... Continue Reading →

I need some answers…now

My days are spent in a daze. I don’t know what is going to happen next week, or tomorrow for that matter. No body does, obviously, but I am talking about something specific here. I submitted my resignation on 4th August, but still there is absolutely no progress on my release date. My manager was... Continue Reading →

BTT: Other Worlds

I really like this Thursdays BTT post. Are there any particular worlds in books where you’d like to live? The Harry Potter world. Sorry but that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. Talking letters, owls as pets, flying broomsticks, teachers who turn into animals, a school as great, everything thing except ‘You know... Continue Reading →

Lazy blogging…

It is absolutely necessary to do the BTT question a soon as it is posted. Because if I don’t do it, knowing how lazy I am, I will never get around to actually doing it. Bangalore has some really good book exhibitions. They sell books for like 50 Rs each. Heaven. I plan to get... Continue Reading →

Resignation time :)

I resigned from my company today. I was waiting for my manager to check into office so that I could tell him personally before resigning on the intranet. As the resignation letter goes to his boss I thought he might as well know about it before hand. But he did not come today. I called... Continue Reading →

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