The Mist by Stephen King

The Mist by Stephen King | Source: Library | Genre: Horror/ Mystery | Rating: 3 out of 5 My Thoughts: The Mist was first published in Dark Forces Anthology and then in Skeleton Crew as a novella. I picked this up from the Library because I loved Carrie and kind of liked The Eyes of... Continue Reading →

The Thirteenth Tale

The "High Expectations" tag is a huge burden to carry for any book. But The thirteenth Tale does not disappoint even for a moment. I subconsciously kept waiting for the moment when I would say to myself that this book is good but not as good as I heard it was. That moment never came.... Continue Reading →


Okay, I have succumbed to this challenge hosted by Carl. I had watched it from the sidelines last time. I have already committed to so many challenges that I was sure I would not sign up for any more for the rest of the year. But alas!!! Just look at that button? Isn’t it awesome? But…I’m... Continue Reading →

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