Movie: The Secret of Roan Inish

Some of you might have read my recent review of Selkie Girl. Before reading the book I had no clue what a Selkie is or what a Selkie legend is. So obviously I googled. I found out that there is a movie which refers to this Selkie legend. It's called The Secret of Roan Inish... Continue Reading →

Lost in Austen

Yes!!! I've finally watched it. In one day. Yes, the entire series and I don't know how time flew. For those very few who don't know what this is about: It's a mini series and a different spin on Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Price, a 20th Century girl from London, frequently immerses herself in the... Continue Reading →

Movie time!!!

I have got a few mails over the past one year asking me for pointers on Indian movies. I thought why not do a post? When I think of Indian movies the first thing that comes to my mind is songs and dances. The second thing is melodrama. But the recent trend is mostly making... Continue Reading →

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