Book Loot or Monday Mailbox

Looks like all I'm doing lately is buying more books and reading very less. Although I do manage to read regularly even if it's not much, I still don't feel a lot guilty about buying a lot of books. Just last weekend I went to this MPH warehouse sale to have a look. But you... Continue Reading →

Book Loot aka Monday Mailbox

I am writing a Monday mailbox post today itself instead of Monday. I had an awesome book month (February). I bought a few books at the Border clearance sale last weekend. They are not really very cheap if you convert them to Rupees but as far as Singapore Dollars are concerned, they are pretty cheap... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday

I was half way through the last day of BBAW post when the internet stopped working. It started working only the next day and by then I had lost all interest. But I did enjoy reading everyone's goals for the next year. Anyway, to get over the disappointment I went to a used bookstore and... Continue Reading →

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