Happy Birthday to me!!!

Hi everybody It's my birthday today (5th Oct),  so will it too much to ask you to wish me??? I have loads and loads of work today and I'm so not looking forward to start the day. I'm leaving for work 2 hours early and I might even stay late 😦 So I just wanted... Continue Reading →

The “self-help” section

I was watching a re-run of S*x and the City the other day. In the episode, the girls go to a bookstore and Charlotte goes to the Self-help section to buy a book on 'How to start again' after her broken relationship. There are 2 women in that section and one of them is crying... Continue Reading →

I bought books !!!

I went to Landmark (bookstore) yesterday. This is one yearly sale I always look forward to. Usually they have 10-15% discount on all books and then they lay out tables with bargain books which are awesome by the way. But this time there was no discount on normal books, only bargain books. But I'm not... Continue Reading →


The past 10 days were a blur. My sis and my brother-in-law had come visiting for 10 days and I absolutely did not get time to blog. As there is a major swine flu scare in the city (with a few people dead), we couldn't go out much for the first 5 days, but for... Continue Reading →

Awards and Picnik

I am so excited that I have to tell you this. You probably won’t find it as interesting, but anyway. I just read about a photo editing software at Bethany’s blog. Picnik. It’s seriously awesome. I always wanted a software that was free and easy to use because I don’t do photography much. All I... Continue Reading →

The Secret Garden-Was it racist?

My younger sis started reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and she came across a few sentences in Chapter 1 in the first paragraph itself. Her hair was yellow, and her face was yellow because she had been born in India and had always been ill in one way or another. Her father... Continue Reading →

Half Yearly Review…

I wanted to do Monday Musings this week, but somehow didn't get the time. So I thought why not do a personal half-yearly review? Last year I read around 40 books and I remember saying that I would love to read at least 50 books in 2009. And surprise surprise, I've already read 49. How... Continue Reading →

Book Fair Loot :)

I and my sis were on our way to shopping on Saturday evening. When we were waiting for the Traffic light to turn green we noticed a small board on the opposite side of the road that said "Book fair". We decided to check it out. We entered a small alley and we could see... Continue Reading →

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