The Sunday Salon…mini reviews

This week I've been reading more than I expected. Freelancing definitely has its perks. I have free time to read during the week and weekends free to do other stuff. I also have this major itch to buy books. I'm trying to control it though by going to the library and bringing home stacks of... Continue Reading →

New Bookshelf and reading space!

We recently shifted to a new rented house and my old ikea shelf broke during the transfer. What else can you expect from a S60$ shelf though. I'm surprised it lasted that long. So I ordered a new Bookshelf, slightly bigger one this time. I'm trying not to order too many bulky things as it's... Continue Reading →

Dongri to Dubai by S. Hussain Zaidi

Title: Dongri to Dubai Author: S. Hussain Zaidi Genre: Non-fiction Rating: 4 out of 5 Thoughts: Mumbai gangsters have been epitomized and glamorised by the Indian film industry for many years now. We've seen their rise and fall on the celluloid. But the title of the most famous Indian gangster goes to Dawood Ibrahim. Today... Continue Reading →

Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga) book #1 by Jenniffer Donnelly

Title: Deep Blue Author: Jennifer Donnelly Genre: YA fantasy Print Length: 373 pages Publisher: Disney Hyperion (May 6, 2014) Source: NetGalley Rating: 4 out of 5 Canta magus, acqua guerrieri, dokimi, alitheia, praedatori, terragoggs, opafago, janicari, alitheia, kolegio, kolisseo, vitrina, thalassa, vraja, bellogrim, galleons, gorgons... For someone like me, reading and trying to remember these... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenges 2014!

It's late you say? Still more than halfway to go though. I haven't taken part in reading Challenges for some time now but I guess it's time to start again. This time I'll make sure I don't accept challenges that are too challenging. Makes sense? I don't want to stress about reading. I want to... Continue Reading →

Book Bloggers International Feature

Hello my friends! Just a quick note to let you know that I have been featured today on 'Book Bloggers International'. I had fun taking the survey, hope you have fun reading them too. Click here to go to the page

New books in the house

All these books are related to dance. 2 are on ballet and one is on Flamenco. The Everyday Dance by Deborah Bull is a memoir of a famous ballerina. It describes her everyday life of a dancer as the title suggests. Life in Motion by Misty Copeland is a memoir of an African American soloist... Continue Reading →

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