Book Review – Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Genre: YA Dystopian
Source: ARC
383 pages
Published February 10th 2015 by Orion
1 out of 5 stars

I don’t like giving negative harsh reviews. But sometimes it has to be done. Besides considering the popularity of this book, a few negative reviews wont make much difference.

I picked this book up because of the hype it was getting on Booktube and YA blogs in general. I figured it had to be a decent read if not exceptional. Red Queen is about a dystopian world where people are divided into Red’s and Silver’s where Silver’s have special powers and therefore deem fit to rule the world. The Red’s are only meant to serve and suffer. We have Mare who is a Red and who gets a job with the silvers, after which her destiny changes forever.

Soooo….people who say this book is not similar to ‘The Hunger Games’…just stop, because it is. Obviously there are no games, but the world is the same. Silver’s rule the world, others serve them and live their miserable lives, then there is a rebellion and wait for it…Mare is the face of the Rebellion. Both sides are using her to their own advantage and poor Mare is crushed in-between. A book doesn’t have to be exactly the same to be a copy. The world building was very similar.


There were different towns that did different things, there is a town that is supposed to be inhabitable but guess what? How is that not like ‘The Hunger Games’?

*END Spoilers*

Even If I decided to ignore that fact, the book is still not very impressive; it’s boring, the writing is mediocre, some of the things mentioned are downright confusing. In a world where there are warships, airships and other technological wonders, why is the Prince creating a Motorcycle impressive?

There are many more things that I found troubling in this book. The only saving grace was the ending. I have a feeling the second book would be better than this one but I most probably wont be reading it. I almost DNF’s this one.

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  1. It was a disappointment when the books are not what we’ve expected. I picked this up and put it down because it doesn’t sound appealing to me. I’m glad I’ve made a right decision then.


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