Reading Challenges 2014!

It’s late you say? Still more than halfway to go though.

I haven’t taken part in reading Challenges for some time now but I guess it’s time to start again. This time I’ll make sure I don’t accept challenges that are too challenging. Makes sense? I don’t want to stress about reading. I want to be able to enjoy reading and completing challenges.

These are the ones I’ve narrowed down for now.

Have you joined any of these? Do you know any more good challenges out there?

My Little Pocketbooks Nonfiction Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader  Debut Authors Challenge

Diversity on the Shelf 2014 Challenge: The aim of Diversity on the Shelf 2014 Challenge is add diversity to you bookshelf by reading books by authors of color and/or about a main character of color.

NonFiction reading Challenge: You can choose anything. Memoirs? Yes. History? Yes. Travel? Yes. You get the idea? Absolutely anything that is classified as non-fiction counts for this challenge.

Women Challenge: This challenge will make us want to read more books of any kind written by women, so choose whatever you like and get involved!

Debut Authors Challenge: To read middle grade, young adult, or new adult title published in 2014 by debut authors.

4 thoughts on “Reading Challenges 2014!

Add yours

  1. I love reading challenges but I’ve had to give them up now that my reading time is a bit more limited. Love the Non-fiction challenge. Hope you get in some great reads!


  2. I have gotten back into reading challenges this year, but I really need to check my progress. I’ve kind of been ignoring them. I don’t think it’s every too late to sign up for them. 🙂 Good luck!


  3. When I did challenges, I did it in a similar manner, too; using them as a way to diversify my reading without putting too much pressure on myself. I really like the ones you picked!


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