Welcome to my new blog – BooksatVioletCrush!

welcome to my new blog - BooksatvioletcrushWelcome to my new home! I’ve finally made the plunge to self host my blog and while it hasn’t been a very easy process, its done now. It’s not very fancy design wise. I wanted to keep it fairly simple, especially the blog section. But I’ve added a landing page now which makes me feel like I’ve made some use of the money I paid for hosting this site.

Nothing much has changed though in terms of content except I’m hoping there will be more of everything – reviews, random posts, comments, interaction with this wonderful community and so on…at least I’m hoping.

I’m in the process of moving the email subscriptions to my new blog. Hope you will choose to stay on (Please do!). For those who have subscribed to rss feed, the new feed link is here. Please do update. I’ll be immensely grateful.

If there are any problems with commenting or anything else, please shoot me an email at  violetc.books@gmail.com or comment on this post!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog – BooksatVioletCrush!

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    1. Kathy: Thanks, You just have to delete the old blog and add the new link (booksatvioletcrush.com/feed) in your reader.


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