These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer

Title: These Old Shades
Author: Georgette Heyer
Source: Personal shelf
Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Harlequin; Reprint edition (July 1, 2003)
Rating: 4 out of 5

My Thoughts:
There were so many times when I picked up a Georgette Heyer book and left it after reading 2 pages. I think it was wrong timing. but when I bought These Old Shades from the library sale and read that it was a romance story, I decided to give it a try.

These old shades is about a duke Justin Alastair, also known as Satanas and a very young but spirited boy called Leon, atleast until the Duke discovers that Leon is in fact Leonnie. One night Justin happens to meet Leon when he is running away from his cruel brother Jean. He takes Leon home with him and makes him his Page. Justin does not do it out of pity, he does it because Leon holds a striking similarity with his enemy of 20 years and with whom he still has to settle the score. When Justin comes to know that Leon is in fact Leonnie, he transforms her into a girl and decides to adopt her thereby introducing her to the society.

Honestly, I was a little bored by the first half of the book. It was too slow for me. But the second half was amazing, filled with adventure and romance. I cannot tell you much about the second half without spoiling the story but suffice to say I couldn’t keep the book down. There were too many characters which sometimes confused me but by the end I almost got them all straight. Leonnie was such a fun, adventurous character. Sometimes she was too young but sometimes she was much wiser than her age which made her more appealing to me. Georgette Heyer’s prose is sharp, witty, mature and yet fun and easy to read.

I recommend this book to those interested in fun historical fiction and those who are looking for a good escape story.

11 thoughts on “These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer

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  1. Sorry to hear the beginning was slow, but it sounds like the second half more than made up for it. I’ve yet to read a Heyer novel and I really need to remedy that.


  2. Hi Violet,

    I find that Georgette Heyer books always have a lengthy build up before they get into the story, but I have to say that I find that an okay approach, as it means that you get to know the characters pretty well.

    I haven’t read one of her books for sometime now and historical romance isn’t generally something I read on a regular basis. However just lately I have been sent several books in the genre to read and review and I have to say that the quality of many of them have somewhat rekindled my interest, so your post comes at just the right time for me, as I have several Heyer books on my shelves. Thanks


  3. If you liked this one, you should read The Devil’s Cub by Heyer. It follows the story of Justin and Leonie’s son and is as madcap as this one.


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