I am going through a lot of contradictory emotions lately. At times I feel like buying a lot of books. I cannot wait to have a house of my own one day and have a small book corner. I want to devour every book from every genre out there. But at times I get very sad or weird. I ask myself what’s the point of all this? What’s the point of buying so many books? I don’t even know if I can read all the books I own in my lifetime. If I have a son I most probably won’t be able to pass them to him because he might think all my books are very girly. If I have a girl she might even hate reading (gasp). Yes, they make me happy when I see them arranged on my shelves. But sometimes I feel that’s not enough. What’s the point in spending so much time reading when I could be doing other things? Yes, it enriches my brain, it makes me happy and all that. But sometimes even that doesn’t register.

My logical side of the brain knows that this is not true but sometimes it just shuts off. The only thing I can do at times like these is not read anything for 2-3 days or until I realize what I’m missing which invariably happens when I’ve read the bus ticket or the back of a cereal box too many times. Sometimes I just open my Google Reader and read all the blogs out there and it makes me realize why I read so much.

Thankfully I don’t usually question the existence of my blog. Because I know if I don’t have any bookish things to talk about, you guys will still show interest and comment on my posts while I get my reading mojo back. This is what makes me come back to my blog and keep it running. I know I can say almost anything that comes to my mind and not be judged. We book bloggers are a compassionate and patient lot. We encourage each other and understand each other as well. Thank you for that.

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  1. I’ve often thought “why am I spending time reading?” – but then what else would I do? When I play video games I ask myself the same thing, when I watch tv, the same thing. Even when on my website. And then I remember that if I stop reading, I’ll end up spending more time wasted on wondering what to do. I think there’s too big an emphasis on always doing things outside the home.

    I consider reading studying, even when it’s not for my course. That helps, as well as remembering, as you say, that it enriches you.


  2. Violet, well get that too. And I do the same thing – I do not read – and then I read like my life depended on it. 😀

    It is ok – take your time 🙂


  3. I get that, too, but not with books (that I read for fun, anyway), mostly with school. I think, “I have to stuff all this into my brain, and I’ll still never be able to know everything about a even a single part of a single topic, so what’s the point? And no one even cares because it doesn’t really matter!”

    I think you have to follow your heart. If you’re getting books just to get them and knowing you’ll never be able to read them, it does start to weigh down on one. Maybe you need to do a book purge and clear out the shelves of books you don’t *really* want.


      1. Best way is to give them to a neighborhood library. That way you can access them whenever you can and a lot more people can enjoy the book…


  4. All of us booklovers get those slumps here and then… and I think the thing is as long as we don’t give up our passion for reading, then we shouldn’t worry too much. After all, we need some little break once in a while. 😉


  5. I know I have more books than I can read in a lifetime, so sometimes I wonder if I’m more of a collector than a reader, even though I read 100+ books per year. And I’m going through a bit of a reading slump myself right now, so don’t feel bad. 🙂


  6. I have these thoughts a lot, too, Violet. Especially now that I don’t have much time to read and sitting down with a book seems like a luxury that never comes first. I think it’s OK to feel these things and you’re absolutely right that we’ll be here no matter what you’re blogging about! I actually really look forward to personal posts of my blogging friends. 😉


  7. Hi Violet, those are great questions and ones that I think a lot too. These days, I balance it out with hanging out with friends, taking photos, write, draw, or just doing nothing at all. I think all these combined enrich me a person and the people around me. The people around us gets to spend time with us and we get to share the experience and thoughts gained from the things we do. I can’t imagine a life better than that. 😀


  8. Now that I have a baby I have so much less reading time, but I do try and carve some time out just for reading. It helps me keep my sanity!
    I’ve always had a book buying addiction. Luckily, my husband knew t hat before he married me 🙂


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