Random tidbits…

Since I have been absent for some time (again), I thought I shall write an update post, not that is of any interest to you but it makes me feel as if I’m not ignoring my blog as much.

So here we go with the tiny details of my life which is probably of no interest to anyone else whatsoever.

–I have joined Aerobics class on every Wednesday which is good since it’s also encouraged me to exercise every other day as well. I go jogging or do Power Yoga, power yoga mostly because I can do it at home.

–I know I’m late but Kung Fu Panda was super fun, so was Delhi Belly. I need to watch Harry Potter though.

–We are going to Phuket, Thailand in August during the National Holiday week and I’m already excited. Let me know if you’ve been there, I would love to know what places are not to be missed.

–I’ve read really good books these past couple of months but haven’t got time to blog about them all. I also read The Graveyard Book (finally!) and love it.

–I’ve been missing home a lot lately, home meaning Pune in India. But I can only go in October during Diwali, hope it comes soon.

–I’ve found new girlfriends at work and we have a lot of fun. Every girls needs good girlfriends and considering I have very few friends here, it makes me very happy.

–Have you checked out Google+? What do you think? I don’t find it very different from Facebook.

–I have this intense urge to visit the library since I haven’t got time to do that since a long time. I need to get lost in rows and rows of ceiling to floor books, hoping I get time to go this weekend. That’s the library I go to in the picture below.

–I’m reading The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam which takes place after the Bangladesh war of Independence. It’s good so far and I hope I like it as much as the first book A Golden Age. What are you reading at the moment?

–Work has reduced drastically, so I might have more time for blogging. The only problem is I can’t blog from work because most of the sites are blocked here including WordPress. I’m hoping to dedicate some time on the weekends.

Anyway, enough about me. How have you all been???

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  1. I’m glad to hear you made some new friends! And also that you enjoyed The Graveyard Book 😛 Also, I hope you do have more time to blog in the future. We miss you!


  2. Violet, it’s hard to be homesick. Hopefully October will come by quickly for you, but at least you’ll get to travel and visit Thailand in between. You always take good vacation pictures, hope you’ll share again.


  3. It’s nice to catch up with you. I’m glad you are making girlfriends at work. I’m in the process of trying to make mommy friends!


  4. I totally agree with girlfriends (especially at work) and they’re so important! I’m glad you’re settling in so well and that’s really good news to us that you may have more time for blogging. Enjoy your trip in August and during Diwali – my advance wishes for you. 😀


  5. So happy to hear an update from you, hun. Do miss you blogging.

    A friend of mine’s been and back and forth to Thailand twice and loves Phuket so I know you’ll have a great time.

    October will come by really quickly, hun. Only two months now and you’ll be able to visit home. Sorry you’re feeling homesick though.

    Every girl does need girlfriends. 🙂 I’ve always had heaps of male friends and not many girlfriends. I started a new job recently too and suddenly I have a lot of new girlfriends. 🙂 It definitely helps when you need to talk and just need good girly fun.


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