All kinds of Randomness…

Work is getting more hectic as we are approaching the go live date in May. Just today I had a big discussion with my Manager because I told him I cannot come to work on the coming weekend. Whatever!!!

Anyway, my husband and I are going to Kuching, Malaysia tomorrow. Soooooo excited. I desperately need a break and some time alone with my husband. I’ll post photos if possible.

I think I am slowly finding a balance to work and blogging and personal life. It will still take some time to adjust, but I just have to plan my time properly.

My husband and I watched ‘Hall Pass’ the other day. I enjoyed the movie but I also thought there were a few unnecessary things in it.

I’m loving my new Blackberry. I can keep track of emails and reply instantly instead of waiting to reach home and find time to log on to the internet.

I’m at a phase in my life when I really don’t feel like making new friends anymore. You don’t get friendships like the ones you form in schools and colleges.

I fell bad that I don’t get to watch any Hindi movies here although I’m glad for the ones that do release. Something is better than nothing right?

I bought a small 6 shelves rack for my shoes but when I got home from work I found that my husband had unpacked it and arranged it with my books. I was so pleased with the way it looked that I’ve kept it. It means I need a new shoe rack.

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  1. I love how sweet your husband was to think books were more important than shoes (I agree with him). And I too couldn’t live without my smart phone. What did I do before?


  2. Enjoy your trip to Kuching! Balance between work and blogging and life is certainly tough–seems like sometimes it’s easier to manage than others. Hope you have some time this weekend to relax or at least unwind!


  3. Now I’m curious as to how the shoe rack looks with the books on it! 🙂 You’re right about making friends though, it is so different as an adult from when I was in school & college.

    I hope you enjoy your break!


  4. Friendships you form later can be just as wonderful, but they do take more time. I love your husband for filling your shoe rack with books. You’re a lucky gal to have such a smart guy 🙂


  5. Your husband’s a sweetheart. 🙂 I’m glad you’re able to find that balance, Vi. And I totally know what you mean about the Blackberry – I don’t know how I ever lived without mine! 😀


  6. That’s so sweet of your husband! I hope you’ll share some pics of your new shelves racks filled with books! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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