Hi again…

I feel like I’ve been away from my blog for too long. Sure, I post once in a while but I don’t have the time to go read all the blogs I love on a daily basis which is part of why I love blogging so much.

Anyway, remember I mentioned it takes more than 3 hours for me to commute to and from work. I left that job and I found another. So now I’m working pretty close to home which is such a plus point. Besides the company is much better too. I’m glad I left at the right time.

I will still take some time for me to settle down into the routine and then manage to blog and read on a regular basis. Since most of the sites are blocked at work including Google Reader, blogging when I don’t have much work is not possible. Since I hate iphones, I am planning on buying a Blackberry which could probably help.

We went to a pub yesterday which is very close to the second hand bookstore I frequent. So we dropped by to check if there was anything new and to my surprise there was an awesome book fair set up. Obviously I bought a few books which is probably another post.

I am reading Steve and me by Terry Irvin and thoroughly enjoying it.

Last but not the least, Happy Holi!!!

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  1. Wow that is a long commute! I think this new job will give you a much better work life balance. It does take awhile with any new job to get into a new routine but you will. Good luck with everything!


  2. I’m glad your new job is nearer to your home, Violet. It’s never fun to be stuck in a long commute on a daily basis. Can’t wait to hear about the books you bought!


  3. I’m glad to hear you found a better job closer to home! No worries about blogging – we’ll be here when you settle into your routine and feel ready to come back.


  4. A better job closer to home is always good news. I’m so happy to hear that, hun. 🙂 I have a Blackberry and I absolutely love it – can’t live without it.


  5. Glad you found a better job closer to home! Congratulations!

    I’m blogging a lot lesser too because of my hectic work but I love it! I’m doing everything that I love. I can only blog or visit mostly during weekends.


  6. Hi Violet,

    I have been really lax about visiting other blog sites just lately.

    So, congratulations on your new job. Working closer to home has to be a real bonus, what is it that you are doing now?

    I don’t post on my own blog as often as I ought too either. I get so little time to actually read as it is, that it almost seems a shame to spend the time sat hunched over the laptop blogging. So many othes out there put me to shame, they seem to be able to post daily and read at the speed of light !!!

    I do enjoy talking to everyone, so it’s just getting the balance right for me I guess.


  7. Congrats on the new job, Violet! As someone who has really limited access to internet during the day and don’t really want to spend time on the computer at home I totally understand what you’re going through. It’s a tough adjustment but we’ll all be here when we can–just as we know you will be when you can.

    And awesome about the book fair. 😉


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