All Kinds of Randomness…

-> My joining date for the new job got postponed by a week. So I’ll be joining on 14th Feb instead of 7th. Fine by me, I get one more week to watch back to back movies and read and laze around the whole day.

-> I’ve put on a little weight and most of my old formal clothes don’t fit me anymore. I have to shop for new ones. I hate shopping for a purpose, in my experience you don’t find anything if you’re actually looking for it.

-> We spent 3 out of 4 days long weekend in Batam Island, Indonesia. Nothing to do there other than play golf (which I am not very fond of, but my husband loves) and shop.

-> I painted our bedroom walls from Red to faint pink today. Who paints all the walls red anyway?

-> I am reading 2 books at the moment-Muslim Women Reformers and Sea. Both are good but I’m enjoying Muslim Woman Reformers more.

-> My husband has gone to Bangladesh for a business trip and I’ve asked him to get some books by Bangladeshi authors, I’m curious to see what he gets.

-> We saw The Mechanic, The Green Hornet and Yamla Pagla Deewana. The Mechanic was okay but I loved The Green Hornet. My husband loved YMD but I didn’t like it so much. I like Kulraj Randhawa though, so it was tolerable.

-> It was raining non-stop, pouring actually, in Singapore last week. This week the skies are clear though. I hope it doesn’t rain next week, I would hate if it rained on the first day of my job.

-> I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy back to back lately. I’m on the third season now and I absolutely LOVE the show. I don’t think I’ve been that obsessed with any show ever.

That’s all for the updates. I like doing these because it kind of clears my mind. What are you people upto?

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  1. Hey I am a total fan of Grey’s Anatomy too. I watch episodes usually from season 1 and 2 . I just love that show .:) Hope it doesn’t rain on your first day at work 🙂


  2. Enjoy your week off before starting your new job, Violet! 🙂
    The weather has been fine lately (Read: no storm!); and I’m hoping to see more sunshine. I kinda miss it!


  3. Yay for one more week of relaxing. 😉

    Ditto on the clothes shopping. I always find great stuff when I’m not looking for it but as soon as I *need* something specifically, I can never find it. :S

    I liked this post – All kinds of Randomness. It was nice to have these snippets in your life, Violet. 😀


  4. Oh I so know what you mean about shopping with a purpose! I hate that too, and you’re right, I never find what I’m looking for, and I end up spending money on something I don’t really like and probably won’t wear again. Huh!


  5. I’ve been in and out of Grey’s since it started–loved it, hated it, and now I’m obsessed again.

    Glad to hear you’re liking Women Reformers. I really need to pick it up, but with Ulysses going on it’s hard to find the motivation. 😦

    Hope you’re having a great week!


  6. Looks like you’ve been busy! I hate non-stop rains like that. I used to be really into Grey’s Anatomy too but then they kept messing with the times it was on.


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