Please pick one!!!

I get bored with blog layouts very soon, but I can’t change this one because I don’t like the other layouts provided by wordpress. So I thought I’d change the header. I need something in the header that shows books and I love fairies, that’s why they are there in both the headers. If I look at them long enough, I’ll hate them both, so please do help me pick one. The first or the second? (You could click to enlarge if you want to). I know the second one is a bit hazy but that can be corrected.

22 thoughts on “Please pick one!!!

Add yours

  1. I like both, but I think I’d vote for the second one, because it seems more balanced graphically. If you want to use the first one, maybe you could move the fairy a bit closer to the middle.


  2. Hi Violet,

    I was going to mirror the comment that Valerie made.

    The second option looks much more balanced and central, if you can fix the blurred fairy.

    Option one is good if you can move your name to be more central.

    That sounds like sitting on the fence when I read it back, okay decision…. Option i, but only if you can centralise your name!


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