Weekly Geeks – cover contrasts – Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

Compare/contrast international covers. Which do you like best? (From Weekly Geeks)

I have always loved beautiful covers, so much that I’ve picked up many books just because of the covers. If I have to give you a list of covers I like, it would most definitely never end. So I will list down the covers of one book.

Everyone had heard of Michelle Moran and her book Nefertiti by now, so I’ll get directly to the covers. They are a mix of hardcover and paperback. I found more covers but they were very small, more like thumbnails.

I LOVE all the covers except the last 2. The last one looks like a horror novel and the second last looks like contemporary YA. But the others are gorgeous. Which ones do you like? or not like?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks – cover contrasts – Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

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  1. Hi Violet,
    Personally, I like picture number 6 – the right hand picture of the middle row.
    It’s much more subtle and alluring than any of the others.
    Definitely the one I would pick, if I literally had to choose the book by it’s cover.


  2. Those covers are gorgeous! I’ve the second cover in my pile actually, but just haven’t got around to reading it yet. Personally I’d prefer #6 as I like the colour combinations and also that the heroine’s face is nicely portrayed from that perspective.


  3. Oh wow, I’ve just been learning about Nefertiti so I think I’ll get this book! I agree with you thoughts that the second to last looks like a YA. It depends on what Moran’s written of course, but I wouldn’t say it suits the subject.

    My favourites are the 1st, 3rd, and 6th, and if I had to choose my cover from those I’d probably go for the 1st.


    1. My problem with it is it looks like “contemporary” YA which it isn’t.
      I think I love the first one the best too. You should definitely get the book. It’s awesome.


  4. Wow. So many beautiful covers. I agree what you say about the last one – it does look like some sort of horror/mystery novel. The cover I’m most familiar with is the second one. I think that or the sixth one is probably my favourite. 🙂


  5. I really enjoyed this one; I have the second cover (the one in the top middle). Honestly, I think that one is my favorite!

    Although they are all eye-catching, I’d say my least favorite would be the middle on the bottom — she looks too light-skinned, too. I also wonder if the one next to it (left of it; not the eye one) is actually a female — it looks like a male to me.


  6. I really like the first two the most. I am drawn to colourful and pretty covers. I’m a cover whore for sure. I have also read this book and loved it… mine had the 2nd cover and I am sad that I cannot find my copy… must have loaned it out and forgot to get it back. *sigh* My buy another copy I think. Plus, Michelle Moran is now on my TBR list for all her other books.


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