Meeting Melody and Alice

I’m afraid that if I put this off for some more time I might not post about it at all. Thats how lazy I am. I still don’t have a job and I really have no excuse. As Melody and Alice said “I can blog all day”.

I, Alice and Melody

I met Alice and Melody on Friday (26th). Alice had a conference in Singapore, so that made it really convenient. We met at City Hall MRT and from where we went to a vegetarian place for dinner.

Melody got these awesome books for me. Thank you Melody 🙂

We had a great time talking and generally knowing more about each other. After dinner we took a stroll in Suntec city. I had been there before but I saw things I hadn’t seen the first time. The most memorable was The Food Republic.

Food Republic: Taken by Alice

Isn’t it gorgeous? They are not actually books though, they are wallpapers, I wish I could get some for my house 🙂

Meeting Melody and Alice was so much fun. Melody is as sweet and chirpy as she seems from her blog. And Alice is well, Alice. I got to see how she manages to click such awesome photographs. You can have a look too.

Alice in action

I’m so glad I met them, they are both very genuine and friendly.

I really hope we can do this again. Thank you melody and Alice and thank you both for sending me the pics.

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  1. You’re very good, Violet, because you’re the first to blog “officially” about our outing together. LOL! It’s really great meeting you and Melody, and really, I miss both of you already. Melody is indeed a chirpy person!


  2. I want that wallpaper too! Thank you for sharing about your visit with Melody and Alice. It sounds like the three of you had a nice visit. Makes me wish I could have been there with you all!


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