Admit One by Emmett James

Title: Admit One
Author: Emmett James
Hardcover: 216 pages
Publisher: FizzyPop (February 1, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-0984258109
Source: Online publicist
Rating: 4 out of 5

My thoughts:
Admit One was an unusual book. It is a journey in film but it’s certainly unlike anything I expected. It starts with his childhood experiences while watching the movies with his family. The theater outings start with The Jungle Book, Grease, Sindbad and other movies. We learn about this family and the place where he lived. And although he has nothing but bad things to say about his mom and brother, I enjoyed this section. He has a funny and sarcastic way of saying things.

What I enjoyed most was the second half of the book. That’s when he leaves Britain for America to try his hand in Hollywood. The reason why he has to leave Britain is another story altogether. Seriously, I couldn’t believe some of the things this guy did.

At times I didn’t quite like the things he did but then again I have to applaud his honesty and guts to own up to his actions. His struggles to become a star and in the process landing in all the wrong jobs was hilarious. I could give you examples but it would kind of spoil the book.

It’s interesting to know what someone has to go through to make it big in Hollywood. I like the authors ability to find humor in the most embarrassing situations. Everyone who loves movies and has grown up with a healthy obsession with them can definitely relate to his experiences. There is this one paragraph at the end which I really liked (no spoilers).

Movies are pure illusion, the illusion beginning with the very word itself-movie. There really is in literal terms no such thing as a motion picture. A moving, talking piece of celluloid just doesn’t exist. What we really stare at are still photographs-twenty four brief flickers of images per second, inevitably summoning a multitude of thoughts, feelings and actions from within ourselves. A place in which each of us has a unique documentary taking shape, where one’s own personal life story begins to play out for the world.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to everybody.

P.S: I’m curious about the prologue to Steven Seagal though.

Mr. Seagal, I’m having a party, and you’re just not invited…

Why was that?

9 thoughts on “Admit One by Emmett James

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  1. I’m currently reading this book, and I agree he does has a funny and sarcastic way of saying things. 😛 Then again, I’m enjoying reading his honest opinions on the films that had accompanied him from childhood to adulthood as well as his take in the film industry. They are all very interesting!


  2. This sounds like an interesting one. I like the idea of journeying through your life through film. I don’t really get the Seagal reference – but then again, I’m not a huge Seagal fan. 😛


  3. I’ve just started reading this and am loving it so far. Pleased you enjoyed it. I keep thinking the Steven Seagal thing will become clear further in the book, but having read your review, maybe not………..


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