Lost in Austen

Yes!!! I’ve finally watched it. In one day. Yes, the entire series and I don’t know how time flew. For those very few who don’t know what this is about: It’s a mini series and a different spin on Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Price, a 20th Century girl from London, frequently immerses herself in the World of P&P as an escape, when one day she finds herself in the World of Austen, switching places with Elizabeth at that. Needless to say the plot doesn’t go as she knows it does.

I was a little skeptical at first. Although I’m not an Austen purist I had heard the main plots in this version were changed. But I was pleasantly surprised.

How many of us, when we were young, wanted to swap places with Elizabeth and have Darcy love you instead? I know I did. Amanda has just this dream of her fulfilled. She gets to live in the P&P world and get to the characters up close.


I gasped so many times at the twists in this series and thought to myself that this clearly cannot be happening. I mean Jane marrying Collins? Outrageous!!!

There were a couple of twists I didn’t like-Bingley falling for Amanda. I mean seriously? Thankfully the writer did not continue on that.

But some of faves were

–Wickham turning out to be a good man after all. That was refreshing.
–And the best of all was Caroline Bingley being a lesbian. I mean really. Who saw that coming?

I thought I would not like to see Darcy falling in love with Amanda instead of Elizabeth but it was so well done that I was rooting for Amanda all the way.

5/5. Do watch it if you haven’t.

You know what the best scene I thought in the movie was? When Amanda asks Darcy to do this one thing.

Oh yes, another one of my fantasies 🙂

Whats your take on this version of P&P? Did you like it?

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  1. Oh I loved this !! I hadn’t expected it to be so funny or should I say outrageously funny. Jane marrying Collins was a shocker ! Thanks to Amanda 🙂 Also liked all the scenes where she tries to make sure everything happens the way it is supposed to be in the book .. Glad you liked it too


  2. I love this show so much. It’s like my fantasy come true. I have problems with the fact that they’re Americanising it and turning it into a big-screen film … Because it’s a British thing. 😛


  3. I can’t wait to see this! I need to reserve it my library right now. And thanks for the fantasy pic. I needed that 🙂


  4. I haven’t watched this yet, but then I haven’t read P&P yet either! I’m hoping to finally read it later this month and then I can enjoy watching this. I’m pleased to see that you loved it and am looking forward to it now.


  5. I thought it was funny, and LOVED the Caroline Bingley being a lesbian thing – thought that was hilarious. I enjoyed this series, but Amanda Price bugged me a little bit.


  6. I’m usually a purist and don’t enjoy other takes on Austen’s work, but I agree this was fabulous. Enough different to bring an entirely different take to the story, yet done very well.


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