Friday finds: Stupid Cupid

I’m not a fan of the cover nor the title but I loved Mamang Dai’s first novel ‘Legends of Pensam’ (Review). When I saw this book on Twistntales regular updates I knew I had to get it. Unfortunately I don’t think this book would be available here but its going to be the first book I buy when I go home for a visit.

Here’s what the book is about (from Penguin books)

‘I had set up as an agent. For want of a better name, let’s call it a love agency, to provide a decent meeting place where men and women, lovers and friends, could rendezvous without too much sweat…. People only want to be alone together. They need time to meet and talk. They want to find themselves through a moment of love.’

Drawn to New Delhi from the hills of the North East by hopes of adventure and the love of a married man, Adna opens a guest house for lovers and friends. In a small bungalow on a quiet lane, an unlikely assortment of couples and singles come together, for an afternoon, a day and sometimes for months. While in the big city death, like Cupid, stalks the streets and strikes at random.

This second novel by the acclaimed author of The Legends of Pensam is a graceful, quirky and ultimately moving story about relationships, complete with all their complications and joy.

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  1. Can skip this one. Not a patch on “legends” …. there was so much potential in this one. Grossly underdelivered on the premise.


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