2009-in books and otherwise…

A year back I would have never thought that my life would be like this, in a different country and finally married to J. But somehow, most of 2009 has been a blur. I don’t remember much before my wedding which was in November, so almost an entire year is kind of hazy.

But if I think hard last year was a year of events. One of my close friends got married and now she is in Germany. I always wondered what her husband would be like and I’m really happy that she got the kind she wanted. Another of my close friend gave birth to a baby girl, I’m an aunt now 🙂 I wish I could see her.

Whatever the case, life is never going to be the same, for them and for me, in a good way though.

Back to Singapore , I love this place but I also miss home a lot. Singapore is very organized, there are no surprises, everything runs very smoothly and apart from family and friends that’s exactly what I miss about home. The spontaneity, the feeling that anything could happen anytime.  I miss the constant buzz of energy, I don’t know how to explain it better. It could get a little boring after a while in Singapore but life is definitely easier here.

Anyway, I am looking forward to exploring more of Singapore, the neighboring places and just enjoy being with my husband.

Reading has always been a constant, but 2009 has been great in that respect too. I read a lot of books that I might not have if not for my blog.

If I have to list books that have stayed with me, they would be

Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe: A great way to look at old African traditions and culture.

Mommy I’m still in here by Kate McLaughlin: This was my first book on Bipolar Disorder and I was shocked at how some people live everyday without having any control over their lives.

Jane Eyre: Need I say more?

Cutting Loose by Nadine Dajani: This is one of the very few chicklits that has stayed with me after so many days. I cannot wait for the author to come up with the next book.

Nefertiti by Michelle Moran : What can I say? My favorite period in the history. I cannot get enough of Michelle Moran too.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton: This book was beautiful, I have no other words to describe it.

My Father’s Paradise by Ariel Sabar: I learned so much from this book- about Kurdish Jews and a dusty village called Zakho.

Behind Every Illusion by Christina Harner: I loved the atmosphere created by this book so much that even if I close my eyes today I can see it all. Although I gave it 4 out of 5 stars, this is one book that has had an impact on me.

A hundred and One Days: I love reading about war journalism and this one was really good.

Jasmyn by Alex Bell: Again a fantasy that was very different and it was based on a fairy tale. It was beautiful.

Carrie by Stephen King: My first Stephen King book.

Where the Heart is by Bettie Letts
: A heart warming story about a teenage pregnant girl and how she finds hope and love at the most unexpected places.

The entire list of books read in 2009 is here.

I’m not very strict in my reading goals but last year read 45 books and I said it would be great if I would be able to read 50 in 2009. I read 90 without stressing about numbers at all. That according to me is GREAT reading year.

I hope 2010 is great for everyone in all respects.

A very Happy New Year from us to you and yours!!!

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  1. So many good things happened in your life this past year, especially the latter half. I’m so happy for you, Violet. Maybe Singapore needs someone like you, who can spice things up. 🙂

    You’ve listed some great titles there, quite a few that are in my TBR pile or on my wish list. Jane Eyre is a favorite and I really enjoyed Nefertiti.

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year, Violet.


  2. I’m very happy for you, Violet! I’m glad you like Singapore. I know I love Singapore for the very reason you’ve just mentioned. I could walk happily late at night without having to worry about anything. I need to get started on Jasmyn soon. It’s one of my must-reads for 2010.


  3. I’ve moved a lot in my life and can tell you it takes at least six months to adjust to a new place. I predict Singapore will feel like home before you know it. Congratulations on a great year in books. Happy New Year to you and your husband!


  4. Great list! I still plan to read My Father’s Paradise soon and hope to read Things Fall Apart in 2010. There are a few others on your list that I’d like to read at some point. Let’s hope that we find lots more great books in 2010!


  5. You have had a very eventful year! I wish you all the happiness in the world for your new marriage and new Singapore adventures. I’m guessing you’ll always miss home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love your new one (hopefully :)). Happy reading in 2010!


  6. Happy New Year and congrats about almost doubling your reading goal– that’s awesome. I hope Singapore becomes more spontaneous for you ;), and that this new year brings you everything you could want! 😀


  7. Hello dear Violet!

    I just came across your blog 🙂

    I liked it very much – do u have a facebook page?

    I saw your wdding pics as well which means you got married in 2009

    Though a little bit late, wish you a long and happy marriage!!!

    Love from Azerbaijan


  8. Happy New Year, Violet! I hope you’re enjoying settling down in Singapore. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great reading year! Here’s hoping 2010 will be a better one for you!


  9. Happy New Year !! I am sure you will get used to Singapore though home will be home:) Nothing can beat chaotic unpredictability of our cities 🙂

    Have fun and read a lot …


  10. Great list of books, Violet! The ones I’ve read, I also loved.

    It sounds like 2009 was a big year for you and a lot of the people you love. I hope 2010 brings you happiness, love, and a lot of reading. 🙂


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