Mehendi pics!!!

I was uploading some pics to Picasa and since there is still relative quiet in the house as everyone is coming tomorrow, I thought I would post some pics before they get lost. (click to enlarge)

At lunch: the same day of the mehendi.

My younger sis, my elder sis and me 🙂

I day to go…

19 thoughts on “Mehendi pics!!!

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  1. wow! i love that Sari! Your mehendi is gorgeous!

    I hope you have the best day of your life!

    here is wishing you all the happiness, love and satisfaction for the rest of your life!
    take care!


  2. I did a poetry slam in high school and it had a line about Mendhi so my friends put some on my hands. It was so hard during the night, but they recommended plastic baggies at night and that helped. It was so much fun!

    You look so beautiful!


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