Hour 21: Read-a-thon


Hello everyone!!!
It looks like I spend most of my time reading and blog hopping than reading, lol. It’s 1.30 in the afternoon.

Anyway, I was out for about 1.5 hours on errands. By the time I reached home it was lunch time. I did read 15 pages on the bike though but I started feeling a bit nauseous, so I didn’t.

Anyway, veggies look elsewhere. This is part of my lunch, one of my most favorite dishes in the whole wide world 🙂 Chicken Lollipop.


I’m so full now but I don’t feel sleepy. I realize I need to change books because doesn’t look like I’ll be able to finish The Eevrafter and right now I need the motivation of something that says “done”.

I guess I’ll pick up 20th Century Hill by Joe Hill. I’ll probably start with Pop Art that Eva suggested that also happens to be the next story. I like reading in sequence and I’ve already read the first 2 a few days back.

I think I’ll blog hop some more, it’s fun to see what other people are upto 🙂

8 thoughts on “Hour 21: Read-a-thon

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  1. Are you still around? Or sleeping and resting? No matter what, you’ve done great so far. Ready for the last stretch?! Come on. GO GO GO. Cheering for you from Copenhagen, Denmark.


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by during the read-a-thon and cheering me on. As a first timer, I really appreciated it.


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