Thanks for Introducing Me to This Book! (s)


Sorry, just cannot list one.

I have bought or at least enquired about a lot of books I’ve seen on blogs. Most of them are not available here or available at high prices. But the ones I have managed to read have been fantastic. If I haven’t liked them, I have at least never regretted reading any book suggested or seen on a book blog I trust.

To list a couple of books I read recently.
The Handmaid’s tale
Carrie by Stephen King.

I would never ever have read another Stephen King if not for the 4R’s Challenge and for the suggestion of Jennifer and Sandy. I loved the book and now I’m really looking forward to reading more by Stephen King.

Jane Eyre is one more book that I already had in my TBR but would probably would never had read it. I picked it up because of the many great review I had read and I could experience the pleasure that is Jane Eyre.

I have bought many books too but haven’t got the chance to read it yet. I don’t remember the exact sources but I bought Persepolis, Un Lun Dun (Nymeth had reviewed King Rat by the same author), Phantoms of the brain (from Eva’s review), Banana Yoshimoto’s couple of books (I was probably influenced by Melody’s review of Kitchen), Ghosts of Eden (which I would have bought if I had not won it from Jackie’s blog). I have a lot of books on my wish list because of Eva’s blog too.

Also, I can never ever thank Jessica enough for Lisa Kleypas. She had a contest long back and the winner could choose one of the books she had mentioned. She had also linked to her review. I picked Seduce me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas based on her review and I loved it. Now I buy any book that I spot by her in the bookstore. I own 6 so far 🙂

I can go on and on, I want to list every blog because of which I have added something in my TBR or Wish list, but honestly I don’t have time today, too busy at work. I had to do this, so I’ve done it as quickly as possible. I’ll link the blogs as and when I get the time, I promise. Possibly beautify it too 🙂 Later.

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  1. Try Cujo,The Green Mile and Different Seasons.His short story,Shawshank Redemption became a movie and was nominated for a few Oscars.

    King is a brilliant writer.Words are his power.


  2. I’m currently reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ – that seems to be a favourite with a lot of bloggers. I don’t think I would have read it if I hadn’t read so many positive reviews on-line!


  3. arggh! I think I should maintain a excel with fields “Book Name”,”Author”,”Info got from ”
    there is no way I can remember anything otherwise… I am so very unsure about this one… because almost all books I bought after starting my blog has been recommended by someone or the other!


  4. I really hope that you enjoy The Ghosts of Eden when you read it. Almost every book I buy now is down to a blogger’s recommendation.

    I hadn’t heard of Un Dun Lun. I agree with Beth about how strange it is that we all pick up on different books!


  5. LOL–that Nymeth! 🙂 I think she’s just about on everyone’s lists. So thrilled she won best review category today–I think our posts are evidence that she is seriously adding to our TBR!

    Great list, Violet.


  6. It is hard to pick just one book that we heard about from bloggers. I have a hard time even remembering which blogger I heard about a book from.

    If there is ever a book you read about on my blog and want to read, I can more than likely send you my copy if you would like to borrow it.


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