BTT: Do you read Celebrity memoirs?

Do you read celebrity memoirs? Which ones have you read or do you want to read? Which nonexistent celebrity memoirs would you like to see?

uummm….generally no. I do skim through them if I come across any in the bookstore or the library. But I don’t really read them from cover to cover. Although I love reading memoirs, celebrity memoirs just don’t interest me unless they have something other than their movie careers in their books.

If models come under celebrities, I would like to mention one book that I have been searching for a long time but unable to find.

Desert Flower by Waris Dirie. I really do want to read this one. Her life story fascinates me.

desert_flowerFrom Publishers Weekly
Joining the current rage for model memoirs (see review above) is Dirie, a native of Somalia, who has for more than a decade stalked the world’s catwalks and appeared in numerous glossy magazines. This, however, is no fluff-job dictated into a tape recorder on transatlantic flights, then recomposed by a hired gun back in New York. Rather, it is a striking account of a personal odyssey that began in the Somali desert, where Dirie grew up without shoes, living amid nomadic tribes and tyrannized by patriarchal strictures. As a pubescent girl, Dirie was circumcised?a procedure described here in chilling detail?before escaping an arranged marriage to stay with an aunt in Mogadishu. Landing a job as a house servant in London, Dirie struggled to launch a modeling career while dodging British immigration authorities and the dreadful results of marriages of convenience. At the end of this affecting and at times very entertaining book, Dirie’s metamorphosis from desert nomad into jetsetting nomad culminates in a post as a human rights ambassador to the UN, where, these days, Dirie campaigns for the eradication of female circumcision and women’s rights around the globe. It’s easy to forget that Dirie’s memoir is a book about someone whose success has come from posing for the camera. Indeed, it is Dirie’s remarkable lack of narcissism or entitlement that makes her so captivating a raconteur.

I’ve read Britney Spears mom’s memoir if her mom does come under celebrities. It was good. See my review here.

Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen

One autobiography I would be interested in reading would be ‘The butterfly’ by Sushmita Sen (which is not out yet). She is one actor I really admire. She was Ms. Universe somewhere around 1997, I think. And she is one of the very first celebrity women who had adopted a girl in spite of being single. That’s a huge thing here.

Other than that? Not really interested.

P.S: I almost forgot. I would really love to read Oprah’s Memoir/ Autobiography too. Or is there one already?

Oh ans yes, I’ve read Sidney Sheldon’s autobiography which I didn’t like so much. For me he was a Celebrity 🙂

24 thoughts on “BTT: Do you read Celebrity memoirs?

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    1. I know, I saw the review on your blog. I avoid reading reviews of books I deperately want to read and cannot. It makes me sad 😦

      So I kind of skipped your review, sorry about that 🙂


  1. Lynne Spear’s book would be interesting. I flicked through it in the bookstore, and I got the impression that her family didn’t have a clue of the challenges that they and she would face. Desert Flower would be interesting too – I prefer celeb memoirs that have more than just a career outlined in them.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, the Hilary Clinton book is a really good read! I agree with you about an Oprah autobiography, that would be really interesting, I’m surpised that she hasn’t done one yet!


  3. I am not usually a memoir subscriber, either, bur Desert Flower looks incredibly good. and, goodness, I would read Oprah’s grocery list if she published it. 😉


  4. I like to read them only if I like and admire the celebrity. I want to read Loving Natalee by Beth Holloway Twitty…but I guess she is not really a celebrity and the book isn’t about her. Hmmmm, I am still asleep I guess.

    Have a Happy Thursday!


  5. I don’t read them as much as I should do – why do I feel I should? Looks like I might be missing out on something!

    This is the first time I’ve played this meme — it’s fun.

    Here is mine!

    Take care and happy reading!



  6. One friend of mine named Nicola Reiss bought the book “desert flower ” for me but as i was the only one who owned it among my fellows at school they stole it and I really wish to have it. I seriously tried to look for an other but in vain!!!!! I didi not find it anywhere in Rwanda!
    I love you Waris, not because you’re an but because you’ve been brave till now.


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