P.G.Wodehouse – A damsel in distress

DamselInDistressA damsel in distress was fun. P.G.Wodehouse is fun. But I guess you already know that. I don’t know many people who haven’t read and enjoyed this author. I was somehow reluctant to read any of his work. I picked this up from a bookstore after much deliberation and because I loved the title.

This novel has all the ingredients that make a book fun and happening and lively. George Bevan, an American composer, falls in love with Maud, the daughter of Earl Lord Marshmoreton. George had a lot of money and is a nice guy and Maud likes him too. But there is a problem. In fact, there are many problems. First is Lady Caroline, Lord Marshmoreton sister, who wants her step son Reggie to marry Maud. Then there is Maud’s brother Percy, who does not want Maud to marry an unknown American, a man without a title. Besides Percy had a row with George once in Piccadilly because of which he had to spend one night in jail, not to mention his family’s name being tarnished in the newspapers.

But the biggest problem is that Maud is in love with another American called Geoffrey Raymond. Everyone mistakes George with Geoffrey and then what ensues is a comedy of errors and misunderstandings.

All the characters were so lively and colorful, even Percy with his overweight body and his tendency to get into trouble while keeping watch over Maud. Although I didn’t laugh out loud at everything, I did have a smile on my face throughout.

I’ve heard that this is not the best Wodehouse book. But I cannot compare it to others as this is my first. For me, this was excellent. 5/5.

Have you read Wodehouse? Which book do you think is his best?

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  1. I LOVE Wodehouse! I just discovered him last year. I’ve reviewed 4 or 5 of his books on my blog if you want to check them out. So far I’ve stuck with his “Jeeves” series. Jeeves is the classic British butler/valet and he is forever getting his master (who is a bit of a nit-wit) out of trouble. The audio books of the Jeeves stories are hysterical – I highly recommend them.


  2. I’ve only read some of his Jeeves books, which I love! (Like Heather, I especially love them in audio.) I guess I’ll have to branch out and try some of his non-Jeeves stuff now!


  3. Wow…I didn’t think there would be anybody who hasn’t read Wodehouse. But I am glad there are 🙂 You should definitely give his books a try.

    Heather, Eva: I wanted to start with Jeeves, but I didn’t know if I would like Wodehouse, so I chose a book with some romance, so if I didn’t like the book, I could at least read it because of the romance. Thanks for the audiobook recommendations. I’ll see if I can find any.


    1. Yeah, that was probably a good idea, but I’m so glad that you DID enjoy it. Hopefully you can find some of the audios to try out – I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of them!


  4. I am embarrassed to admit I have YET to read Wodehouse! However, I have read a bio of him which probably only adds to the embarrassment. He seems like a great guy. I have seen some videos of his plays, tho.


    1. haha, thats so cool, I bet you would have enjoyed the book more if you would have read some of his work, but I’m glad you liked it anyway.


  5. I love PG! 🙂 He has lots of great books – I’m particularly a fan of “Code of the Woosters” and “Big Money” but I genuinely have never read a book of his that hasn’t been brilliant. I will have to add this one to my list.

    I love the quality of those editions in the pic too – if they’re the same there as they are here – with the nice cream paper and the blue linen hardback with dustcover.


    1. I know 🙂
      In fact you are one of the people who made me read his book with your talks about how great he was. and of course you were right 🙂

      I’ll look into the books you’ve mentioned.


  6. I’ve only met one other person in my life who read P. G. I’ve read all his stuff and have copies of most of it. He is my favorite author and the perfect antidote to depression.


  7. Hehe! Now we’re talking! I absolutely LOVE WODEHOUSE! I haven’t read this one (yet) because I can’t resist the Jeeves and Wooster characters, but I’ve been told his other characters are just as colourful!

    My favourite? Either ‘Code of the Woosters’ (thanks to Pete for introducing me to that one) or ‘Thank You, Jeeves’ – I laughed til I cried reading both of them!


  8. Ahh Wodehouse!! I have read almost all his books. My personal favorite is ‘Piccadilly Jim’ for of course personal reasons. My fav character is Psmith followed closely by Gally Threepwood.


  9. I highly recommend Mulliner Nights which was the first P.G. Wodehouse book I read. this dogeared paperback is still on my shelf.

    There are a collection of stories, and the best part is that it takes place in the Jeeves & Wooster /Drones Club universe. Several characters are featured in minor story lines.

    The BBC series for Jeeves & Wooster does justice to the author as well. Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry are pure comic artists.


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