8 things…

I have seen this meme floating around and I thought I might as well give try it. Btw, I wrote this on Sunday.

8 Things That I’m Looking Forward to:
1. Rains. But summer has just started so there’s a lot of time for that. But it’s unusually hot this time. I think every year the severity of the heat increases. I don’t know what’s up with that.
2. When I become permanent at my job.
3. A new Shahrukh Khan movie. Shahrukh, I hope one of your typical masala movie releases soon.
4. I feel like my life is in a deadlock situation right now. I want everything to sort out and I am looking forward to something good in that front. High hope, but still.
I couldn’t go beyond 4 points. How sad is that. I’ll update this when I think of something. 

8 Things that I did Yesterday:
1. Went to Chung-Fa for dinner. It’s my all time fav Chinese restaurant here.
2. Watched ‘The Reader’. Loved it, it’s an amazing movie.
3. Finished the book ‘Triumph of Deborah’. It was a good book.
4. Started reading My Father’s Paradise. So far so good.
5. Made a plan with girlfriends to meet today (On Sunday).
6. External hard disk stopped working. I was really worried. I somehow managed to restore 80% of the data, but the folders are all messed up, I’ll have to arrange them properly
7. Applied Henna to my hair. My hair has got all nice highlights now 🙂
8. What else? I don’t remember doing anything else. Yes, cleared up my Google Reader a bit.

8 Things That I wish I could Do:
1. Visit any place I want to the minute I think of it. Be it Africa or Nepal.
2. Continue my Kathak clasics.
3. Play the guitar really well.
4. Read 300 pages in an hour.
5. Cook like a chef and enjoy it too.
6. Be invisible when I want to.
7. Rewind time.
8. Take decisions without hurting anyone.

8 Television Programs That I Watch:
I don’t watch a lot of television except on weekends and even then I watch whatever happens to be on. Mostly re-runs.
1. Cooking with Kylie Kwong.
2. Discovery Wildlife. It’s on most of the time.
3. The Haunting.
4. While you were out.
5. Dance India Dance. I don’t watch all the episodes, only those that happen to re-run on weekends.
6. Friends. Again re-runs. I can watch Friends anytime. I even own DVD’s of a few seasons.
7. No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. I just love this guy.
8. 80 Wonders of the World. It comes on FOX history. I try to watch it whenever I can. In the last episode I remember the host Dan went from Jordan to Israel and finally to the oldest church in Ethiopia. It was fascinating.

This was more difficult than I thought. Tag yourself if you feel like it.

9 thoughts on “8 things…

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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers, Violet!
    I wish I’m able to read 300 pgs in an hour, LOL! Nowadays, I’m glad if I’m able to read two books in a week! 😉


  2. Read 300 pg/hour?! wow, that’s a big goal. Did you read The Reader? it was years ago and I’m looking forward to the movie. A friend just read it and didn’t like it at all. We don’t share much in book tastes but I was still sad about it.


    1. no, I haven’t read the book yet and I doubt I will. Once I see the movie, I usually don’t read the book unless it happens to be a short read. But the movie is awesome, but I think the many many nude scenes were not necessary.

      And yes, 300 pages an hour is not a goal, it’s just a wish, it might never come true 🙂


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