Read-a-Thon hour 20 complete

deweys-readathonbuttonHow many people are awake???

The Tachyon web
The Tachyon web

It’s 1.50 in the afternoon here, that’s just about a little over 20 hours up? I am reading The Tachyon web by Christopher Pike. It’s a Science fiction book set way too ahead in the future. I have read 60 pages so far. I thought it would be an easy read, but it isn’t. There is way too much scientific jargon in it than I bargained for. Anyway the story is interesting. So that’s keeping me going. Besides I spent a lot of time visiting other blogs and commenting on them.

I have to go and have some lunch right now, just some rice and potatoes. I wouldn’t want to eat heavy food and then nod off.

Please keep going people, we are almost there.

Thanks again cheerleaders and those who have commented. It’s really motivating.

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  1. I read Christopher Pike when I was younger and his books were too scary for me! 🙂 Sorry it isn’t the quickest read–that’s frustrating during the read-a-thon for sure.


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