Read-a-Thon hour 2 complete

deweys-readathonbuttonI was all set 2 hours earlier to write my first post and tell you what book I will be starting with.

But then the electricity went off 

Okay, so 2 hours later, with the power back I am updating you with the progress.

girls_dont_dieI have started with Bad Girls don’t die by Katie Alender.
346 pages.
I finished 86 pages in an hour and 45 mins. Considering there was no power and it’s was stifling hot with no cooling, I think my progress is good. I spent 15 mins from the first 2 hours quickly checking some posts to see what others are upto and writing the post

I am planning to make some tea and then continue with my reading. See you after a couple of hours more, I think.

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