Why do you blog?

After reading Amy’s and later Stephanie’s blog I realized that every blogger could definitely write a lot on ‘Why do you blog?’. For me the second most important question is ‘why do you blog about books?’ I started replying on Stephanie’s post but the comment kind of got out of hand. So I’ll post it here instead.

I started blogging more than 2 years ago. I used to read a handful of blogs even before I started blogging. One day, sitting in the office and getting bored because of the lack of work, I thought ‘Why not write a blog’? My post was something along the lines of ‘Why a blog?’ or some such crap. I am a very impulsive person and I honestly didn’t know what I was going to write or how long I was going to maintain the blog.

But within minutes I got my first comment. I really cannot tell you how excited I was. I got more than 20 comments on the first day itself from complete strangers. That was my motivation. The 20six community, where I started my first blog, had the best community ever. I mean really, THE best.

I shifted to wordpress after a year when 20six wasn’t really working for me. I blogged about everything under the sun. I blogged about my personal life, social issues, meme’s, latest movies, mostly about my personal life. And it was fun. But sometime last year I realized I had nothing left to blog about anymore. My personal life isn’t that happening either. I mean how many times do you blog about your boyfriend, your parties and your outings?

Then I joined Booking through Thursday and I really enjoyed it because I always enjoyed writing about books. But I kind of didn’t want to write more about books because I thought no one would be interested. Even most of the people I know personally are not interested in books. BTT led me to various blogs where I noticed people wrote about books, everyday. Honestly it was a shock, a good one.

I thought I could do it too. If I write about something I really LOVE, I wouldn’t have to come up with new topics to write about everyday. Then after a while I discovered ARC’s and stuff, but honestly you cannot maintain a blog just for that for long. You’ll get tired. Because even if you do get books it IS a lot of work. I love reading blogs, books or otherwise. I love to participate, to be able to offer comfort and to rejoice with someone, to feel connected. As far as books are concerned, 90% of the books I have bought in the last 7-8 months have been book blogs recommendations.

Even today, when I blog about books most of the time, I wouldn’t call my blog a 100% book blog. I do like to write about what’s happening in my life from time to time. It’s part of the healing and sharing process for me. And I won’t ever let that go.

Again, I don’t think this post makes a lot of sense. I mean every blogger is going to have more or less the same answer. But seriously, whether you have a book or a technical or a personal blog, why do you blog? What keeps you going?

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  1. When I started blogging, I just wanted to jot down my thoughts on the books I read. I didn’t expect I’d receive comments, because at that time I thought no one would be interested in my small blog. But things changed after I come across a few book blogs; I interacted with them and then memes came in where it led me to know more bookbloggers. And that’s how it is for me.

    I love this book community. We all share the passion of books and reading although we’ve not met or know one another that well. The best thing is, some of them became my good friends and we send greeting cards to one another during the festive seasons. And this means a lot to me. 🙂

    I’m glad I know you too, Violet! Thanks for your friendship!


  2. Huwie: It was an interesting journey for me too 🙂

    Melody: Yes, we do value the friends we make here, don’t we? Ditto for me too Melody, I value and cherish your friendship and whatever we know of each other…


  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I think a blog about any one particular thing would eventually become boring. I think it’s great to mix it up a little.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog for BTT, the Twilight books are great aren’t they! BTT kind of got me into blogging too and really helped me to find other blogs of people who are interested in books and talking about them!


  5. I blog because it’s a way of keeping in touch with a group of people I’ve grown to really care about, and to share my passion and enthusiasm about books.


  6. I was very nervous when I first started blogging… I had no idea what I would blog about. All I knew was that it was supposed to be a good for PR. But a few months into it I was hooked. My day job at the time was very challenging, and I was bogged down in promoting my first novel and trying to write the second, so had this strange relationship towards blogging – it was part guilty pleasure (it took time away from more important pursuits, like finished that second book) but at the same time, it was important in its own right.

    Now, in my third year, I blog about everything under the sun – the writing process, traveling, life in the Caribbean (and a whole lot of random ranting) and I do it purely because I’m addicted. Even if not a single person tuned in to my blog, I would still write it.

    …and a comment on your first day?? That’s impressive!


  7. “… it was a shock, a good one” I love that line! It’s so true; I didn’t know what to expect when I started blogging.

    I began my blog as a way for me to “process” what I had read, to get me to figure out what I liked (or not) about a book, to see if there was a pattern to what I was reading, etc.

    What a wonderful surprise to find such a great community (yes, community).


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